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Video: How to get Ghostface tickets (Human Giant)

Human Giant debuted last night on MTV. Here's the Ghostface sketch.
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Aziz Ansari
Human Giant
The Wombats

LOLerblades!!!! Ghostdini don't fuck around.




Ghost is a bad man!

Dave Park

watching someone get hit by a car multiple times... i've got to say... it makes me laugh a lot. uh oh.


That was like a shitty Chappelle Show sketch. Another waste of time from MTV.

Andrew Douglas

yeah that really should have been funnier.


ghost hitting that dude with a bat was funny, though.

Mike Krolak

ghostface was hilarious in that.

Adrian Covert

What's funny is listening to Tracy Morgan and Ghostface sod on about broken toes and peanut butter at the begining of Fishscale. Now, I have no idea what they're talking about, but at least it wasn't cliche as that plate of shite MTV served up. Just my opinion.

Andrew Douglas

I wondered if people would find the skit funny.

Dave Park

this was stupid. watch ghost on 30 rock for his funny acting moment.

Matthew Gasteier

Ghost was on 30 Rock?

Dave Park

The rest of the show was pretty funny. Why post the worst sketch in the episode?


There are lots of reasons Matt...I thought it was one of the better skits, but also most of the others weren't music related. This skit featured Ghostface who along with Devin the Dude is Prefix's favorite artist. The boombox skit was good too, but that's really old. Lastly, I didn't see the other clips posted as embeddable videos.

Dave Park

Devin is our favorite. Ghost is our vice-favorite.


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