Video: Menomena and Choir, live in Portland

    Thanks to for filming the video.
    Portland’s new critic’s darling Menomena celebrated their Friend and Foe record release in grand fashion by hiring a home town hipster choir to belt out their tunes. This surprisingly good sounding clip (of the album track “Weird”) is actually from the warm up gig at the ultra cool Doug Fir that went down a few nights before the cake and ice cream laden bash at the bigger Crystal Ballroom. The actual party has not been You Tubed, and it might as well have never existed for all the good that does us. I like how the guys keep their scruffy baritones in shadow on the top riser, while the gals are bathed in light. That’s just good business sense, really.
    No word on whether or not the kids will rent an extra big van for the road trip to SXSW…