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Video: Madonna's Super Bowl Half-Time Show, Twitter Reacts

So there was a football game on tonight but the real question is: what did you think of Madonna’s half-time show? Regardless of your opinion of the lady and her music, that was pretty impressive for a 53-year old lady. Hell, it was impressive for any performer.

The second question is, of course, was there a star-studded cat fight after Madonna found out M.I.A. had a bit of a “middle-finger malfunction” during the performance? We’ll wait and see.

We aren’t the only one’s who have an opinion on the show, though. Re-watch Madonna’s epic halftime show below while reading through a very brief survey of some tweets we caught during the performance:

@MURS (Murs): Big up Madonna and all props due @ceelogreen for taking it to the stage in a major way!!! #hiphop

@pbwolf (Peanut Butter Wolf): Nice Ron Artest shout out at the end.

@notrivia (Brandon Soderberg): MIA, Nicki, on the Superbowl, Bon Iver goes Hornsby on SNL with Colin Stetson in a Liturgy shirt: good weird weekend for weirdos on TV

@Deadspin: Yes, MIA flipped you and the entire world the bird #SuperBowl

@pattonoswalt (Patton Oswalt): Oh my god, they smelted Madonna down into World Peace! We all win! #Superbowl

@williamfleitch (Will Leitch- Founder of Deadspin): As has been the case her entire career, Madonna saved her best stuff until she got to Indianapolis.

@Wallpaper: Did y'all see #gymnastWillFerrel? #halftimeshow

@Spinner ( I really thought Cee Lo was shorter than Madonna #Superbowl

@hipsterrunoff (HIPSTER RUNOFF) MIA should be deported, albums banned in America.

What Twitter reactions did you see?

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