Video: Madonna The Most-Searched Super Bowl Term On Google, Twitter

    Whatever your feelings are on Madonna’s Super Bowl half-time show, there’s thing we can all agree on: we all talked about it. A lot. According to Billboard, she has officially become the official top music event on Twitter. Some 10,245 tweets per second — yes per second — were logged as soon as she took the stage and it averaged out to 8,000 TPS for a five-minute time span.

    The 53-year-old singer also totally owned everything else Super Bowl-related when it comes to Google searches. Mashable reports that Madonna was the most-searched term two times over. How? Her name took the number-one spot while “halftime show” came in at number two. Wild. Funny enough, the Patriots, who (sniff sniff) lost, were number three while their QB, Tom Brady, was number four. 

    You can watch Mashable’s video report on the Google search news below.