Video: Lil Wayne Kicks Off Mountain Dew Campaign At SXSW, Doesn’t Actually Drink It

    As we previously reported, Lil Wayne teamed with Mountain Dew for a new advertising campaign called #DeWeezy. This included, among other things, a performance at SXSW, which went down last night much to the chagrin to every critic who’s written about it. Pitchfork was particularly harsh, calling out Weezy for rapping “You’re a sellout, and I ain’t buying” on “I’m On One” while simultaneously hocking Mountain Dew. Oh, and apparently he never drank any of the uber-caffeinated soda, which was probably for the best.

    Watch a clip of Weezy performing at SXSW below and be sure to head to Pitchfork to read their scathing review of the show. [HHNM]