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Video: Liars "Plaster Casts of Everything"

Omnipresent indie rock video director Patrick Daughters helmed this clip for noise trio Liars. What exactly is the driver of the car under the influence of? Doubt it's just alcohol. Seems like something more Satanic. Hey, I bet Lindsay Lohan would know. We should ask her. And I thought there wasn't any nudity on YouTube? Although don't get excited at the mention of skin; this has to be the nastiest nakedness since that girl's flesh started falling off in The Shining.
Liars' Liars is out August 28 on Mute.
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The Wombats

are Karen O and Angus back together? Or at least on speaking terms again? Sure looks like she's in this video.


You must have good eyes to make out any of the blurry people in there.

John Zeiss

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