Video: Lauryn Hill Finally Returning To Music?

    Lauryn Hill’s recent, erm, transgressions in live settings have been so well documented up to this point that they’re really not even worth mentioning. But in the case of this post, it is, because she made a potentially huge announcement during a recent show in Stockholm, Sweden. Here’s what she told the eager crowd: 

    “We appreciate your love and I have to believe that what I did the first time, you received my sincerity from it. So you knew through all those years, all those things that people said, they had no idea what was going on behind the scenes. But understand, my intention was always to come back and give a better version of the story. A more truthful, more honest, more transparent version of the story.”

    So does this mean that she’s really going to come back? Or is this just more smoke being blown? Let’s hope it’s the former, if only because the world deserves it at this point. Let’s get that new D’Angelo album, too, while we’re at it. [DDotOmen]