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Video: I'm Not There trailer

Alright, count me in as officially excited. I mean, the odd premise of this film has "artistically ambitious flop" written all over it, but I for one have a lot of faith in the cinematic genius of Todd Haynes. This quick trailer goes with "Like a Rolling Stone" done by Dylan for music rather than one of the hotly anticipated indie rock Dylan covers.
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Bob Dylan
The Wombats

I think the premise may be odd, but it's about fifty kajillion times more interesting than every other reverential musical biopic of the last fifteen years. Do we really want to see an Adrian Grenier Oscar turn in a more convential movie?

Mike Burr

Ha! So true. That Grenier dude is lame.

John Zeiss

Excellent trailer. Can't wait for the movie.


I had the exact same feeling "ambitious artistic flop" but seeing the trailer makes me think this has the chance to not only be good but great. From the trailer alone I'm willing to bet it's better than Ray or Walk The Line simply for the fact that it won't be stuck following the well-established biopic blueprint.


I'm still leaning towards flop, but it should be interesting either way. Who's that chickadee pulling up her leggings?

Joel Michael Cusumano

Looked like Rosario Dawson, but IMDB isn't listing her in the cast.

John Zeiss

that would be charlotte gainsbourg, i believe

John B

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