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Video: Handsome Furs, "Dumb Animals"

In which Dan Boeckner's sweet home routine of spitting up blood and spooning with dead, glassy eyes is interrupted by a skull ringed creep who takes him and his fiancee Alexei to the worst dinner party ever, binds their wrists, and deposits them disturbingly on a bed. Also, there are sinister bicep curls. While not heavy on concrete narrative, this clip from Handsome Furs' Sub Pop debut Plague Park (out May 22nd) creates an unsettlingly black mood to match Boeckner's scorched Earth pipes. Dig the way the music switches from sick of it all fatigue to wordless cymbal crashing apocalypse as our poor lovers take their perp walk to certain badness...
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Handsome Furs
The Wombats

Awesome song.

Dave Park

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