Video: Drake Talks His Next Album, Working With Jamie XX

    It’s still not clear when Drake will drop the Jamie xx-produced, Rihanna-featured “Take Care” video. It was supposed to hit the web last Friday but has since been delayed until Drizzy feels like uploading it to his Vimeo account. But that’s fine, because we’re getting distracted by this news about his next album anyway.

    During his stop in the U.K., he revealed that he’s indeed working with Jamie xx again, which he details at the five-minute mark in the video interview with KISSFM below. Here are some choice quotes:

    “I’m collecting beats. I just did some work with 2 Chainz … and I’m actually supposed to see Jamie xx tonight, so we can take it even a step further.”

    “I really want him to have like a big presence on this next album.”

    “I’d rather get with somebody like Jamie xx and bring that soul and island feel to it.”

    This is, of course, great news for anyone who loved the Take Care title track and was hoping for more collaborations between Drizzy and Jamie. [HHNM]