Video: Danny Brown Talks 50 Cent, G-Unit On ‘Carson Daly’ Outtake

    For whatever reason, we haven’t seen the actual clip of Danny Brown on Last Call With Carson Daly ANYWHERE. What’s up, Internet? You still sleeping on Danny or something? Christ. Anyway, at least an outtake from his interview with Daly has hit the web and it features the Detroit native speaking on his short-lived time with G-Unit.

    It’s pretty hilarious to hear about how 50 Cent pretty much demanded to see what dude looked like after hearing “Re-Up” and Tony Yayo had to take a photo on the spot in the studio. And after seeing Brown chillin’ in skinny jeans and whatnot, 50 was all “You gotta look more gangsta.” I could go on, but just watch Brown tell the story in the video below.  [HT]