Video: Danny Brown & Nardwuar Talk Spice 1, Kid Rock, And Stacy Lattisaw At SXSW

    Here are some thing you’ll learn from Nardwuar the Human Serviette’s interview with Detroit’s Danny Brown at SXSW last week:

    1. He loves Faygo
    2. He thinks with his dickhead more than his actual head
    3. He’s in love with Stacy Lattisaw
    4. One of the first rappers he listened to was Spice 1
    5. He’s afraid of Juggalos, but shouts them out
    6. He lost his teeth in a KFC parking lot

    It goes on. Really, you just need to watch this shit. It’s the tops and once again proves why Danny is one of the best rappers and most humble dudes doing it today. Watch the interview below.