Video: Dan Deacon – “Crystal Cat”

    Pardon my French at this tender hour of the morning, but there’s really no accurate way to describe this video from Baltimore’s Dan Deacon as anything other than batshit insane. In a never ending parade of diamond wipes, the viewer’s senses are barraged by pharmaceutical grade neon, creepy stares, junior druid drummers, blindfolded love gods, and awkwardly rapturous dancing by the bushel. Like Deacon’s music, the visuals are so relentlessly odd that it’s better just to accept it and rock out rather than wasting precious mental capacity trying to make sense of anything.

    Side note: I don’t mean this as an insult to Deacon, but in the cases where the authorities decide to drive hostage takers crazy by blasting loud music, wouldn’t Spiderman of the Rings on loop bring the situation to a breaking point quicker than Metallica or whatever’s the fall back now? Although I guess it’s liable to result in headlines like, “Cult Standoff Ends in Tragedy, Sect Leader Found Slam Dancing Stuffed Animals.”