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Video: Bill O'Reilly vs. Nas continued

Ol' Bill just can't seem to get the same rise out of Democratic strategist/ Fox News political analyst Kirsten Powers as he did Bakari Kitwana last week. He continues to condemn Virginia Tech administration officials for keeping Nas on the lineup of a memorial concert despite the protest of a V-Tech student newspaper and several victims' families (maybe he's just mad that they ignored him). Nothing really new here except O'Reilly's tenuous comparison of Nas (who has a gun conviction on his criminal record) to disgraced Atlanta Falcons quarterback/ dog-fighting enthusiast Michael Vick. Best O'Reilly quote: "I mean, who wants to give Virginia Tech a hard time? Not me."
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Fox News

This is so excellent. My only question is: When will Keith Olbermann get in on the action? Also, who uses Times New Roman anymore? Amateurs.

Sara Schweizer

Bill Orielly is an ignorant man......they took pieces of Nas's lyrics and presented the in a way, to make him look like a bad guy......If he even took his time to check Nas out, he'd learn that Nas is one of the most positive rappers in Hip-Hop....The thing is, White people like Orielly form their quick ******** opinions on someone, and stereotype them to this ****** up image....he's a biggot......a moron, a down right ignorant human being, who is so stuck in his own miserable mind, he can only see things in his own way....he's in the blind.......he is defuinitely a hell-bound human can see satan all over him...........


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