Video: Atlas Sound Covers “My Sharona” For One Hour In Minneapolis

    Attention anyone who thought for a second that the Atlas Sound show they attended was crazy, because apparently you didn’t see shit (insanity-wise) compared to the people who went to the band’s concert last Friday in Minneapolis.

    According to Minnesota Daily, frontman Bradford Cox was playing songs from last year’s great Parallax like normal when someone shouted out for him to cover the Knacks’ classic single, “My Sharona.” Being the clear showman that he is, Cox responded in kind…by playing it for an hour.

    City Pages added that he also asked the guy who requested the song to get onstage and strip down to his underwear followed by repeated statements of “This is what happens when you make requests.”

    Yeah. You can read more about it at Pitchfork and watch portions of the performance below.