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Video: Animal Collective "#1" on Conan

Always a band to throw live curve balls, for its national television debut, Animal Collective chose not to go with the immediate enjoyability of either "Peacebone" or "Fireworks." Instead, Animal Collective performed the ethereal "#1" on Conan Friday night (October 5). The band still slays, with Panda Bear's usual dreamy, Brian Wilson-like vocals and Avey Tare's singing run through a demonic sounding filter. Also interesting to see Deakin up on stage, as he hasn't been touring with the band lately.
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Animal Collective
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So I've been reading great things about this band for years now, and finally saw them on Conan. Wow! Even worse than I could have possibly imagined. I mean, with a guy in the band called "Panda Bear" I knew this was going to be first class wankery, but I figured it would at least be FUN wankery.

Joey Headset

True, Animal Collective's music can take some acclimating to, and like I said above, this isn't the most engaging song on the new record.

John Zeiss

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