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Video: 50 Cent - "Straight to the Bank"

Um. Yeah. So here's another 50 Cent video leading up to his new album, Curtis.
Some of us here at Prefix were kinda hoping The General would take this record as a chance to reflect on his life and his story and dig deep and maybe come up with something interesting to write about. Like "Straight to the Bank" totally could have been a story about what it's like to stay on top in a cutthroat business. But apparently it's just like they've been saying: Lamborghinis, counting money and ill-advised laughter choruses. Oh, Fiddy ... we could have had something. Enjoy. Or something.
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50 Cent
The Wombats

Yeah, so far it's not looking good for Fif. Too many yes men in his camp?

Dave Park

If he says "I don't gotta rap" in the song, why the fuck is he????? Please fall off the face of the Earth, 50.

Andrew Douglas

u guys r strait trippin, 50 is bomb no matter wut yall fools say...


Fif is the best rapper alive the rest rap about **** they dont have.keep it up Fif


i don't agree that 50 is the greatest rapper alive, but i will agree that no rapper has done businesswise what 50 has, so he can brag all he wants. he can laugh straight to the bank. i'm more of a fan of more lyrical hip hop, but that don't seem to be paying the bills these days. rappers gotta be businessmen... enter 50


hip hop is dead and who killed it 50cent


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