Video: 2 Chainz Working With Kanye West, Confirms Def Jam Deal

    After confirming his deal with Def Jam two days ago, 2 Chainz finally got the chance to announce his new label home on the air. He did so in an interview with Sway on MTV’s Rap Fix, which then allowed him to use his phone again because he kept getting texts and calls congratulating him. But because he hadn’t confirmed the deal, he didn’t want to respond just yet. While that sounds foolish, it’s a genuine concern given the fact damn-near-everyone has a blog these days and some of ’em were probably just trying to break the news themselves.

    The more interesting news, however, is the fact that 2 Chainz has apparently been working with Kanye West in the past year. He says that they have made some records together while adding that they also realized they have more in common that they previously thought. 2 Chainz also delivered a freestyle, during which you get the chance to see how goddamn tall dude is. Tallest rapper ever? 

    Watch both clips below.