Victims Of Soulja Boy’s Car Accident Sue Over Physical, Financial And Emotional Damages

    Back in June, we reported that Soulja Boy had gotten in a car accident and called the other driver a racist. There’s even a video to prove it, where he claims she accused him of stealing the car he was driving and says,”You know what that was. That was some people trying to come up on some money…I was going straight in line.”

    Well, Soulja, you might be right on that second accuisation. On Friday, Bobbiye Sullinger (the driver of the other car) and Herman Flowers (the passenger) filed a joint suit against the young rapper for physical, financial and emotional damages stemming from the accident on June 23.

    More specifically, they are suing hom for medical expenses, loss of income and property and defamation because of the video he recorded and posted after the crash, claiming it was filled with lies and has negatively affected her career and reputation. A judge has yet to rule.