VICE Responds To Tyler, The Creator’s Tweet About “Yonkers” Video Snub

    Even though Tyler, the Creator has been celebrating the fact that his “Yonkers” video has more than two million hits, he still felt like he got snubbed by one of his favorite magazines. It turns out that VICE didn’t write anything about the video and that just didn’t sit well with the Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All leader. Right. Anyway, here’s the response from VICE:

    Awww, poor li’l Tyler. Does baby feel all neglected and frowny because his favorite mag didn’t plug his video that already has two million hits? Don’t you know you’ll always be our darling lamby pamby with the cutest tiny head we’ve ever seen? But we understand, and we’re going to make it right. If you write us something to go along with the photos Terry Richardson took of your Odd Future buds we’ll put it in April’s issue. Talk soon, honey pie.

    Anyone else think this is just a (yawn-inducing) media stunt? I love OFWGKTA and all but this kind of stuff happening feels…like too much.


    Photo by Terry Richardson.