Via Chicago, New Album News From Wilco

    NME brings news from the Wilco camp that America’s biggest alt-country rockers are hard at work in the studio, working on an album tentatively due for release in May 2007. Wilco is self-producing the album at its Chicago studio; long-time compadre Jim O’Rourke returns to mix the final product. The track list is unannounced (probably undecided), but in the past six months, the band has debuted 12 new songs at scattered gigs around the country: ‘Let’s Not Get Carried Away’
    ‘Side With the Seeds’
    ‘What Light’
    ‘Shake It Off’
    ‘Impossible Germany’
    ‘On and On and On’
    ‘Lullaby For Rafter and Beams’
    ‘Patient With Me’
    ‘Let’s Fight’
    ‘Is That the Thanks I Get?’
    ‘Maybe the Sun Will Shine’

    For the time being, live versions of most songs can be found here.