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VH1's 100 Greatest Hard Rock Songs list only slightly less annoying than their hip-hop list

Last week saw the airing of yet another VH1 special that features "hilarious" people and music icons counting down a list of dubious credibility. This time it was their list of the 100 Greatest Hard Rock Songs, and it was hosted by Bret Michaels, who didn't even pretend to care like he was interested in participating. (Plus what's the deal with his hair? It looks like large spools of thread lined up along the back of his bandana.)


There were some obvious problems with the list, principally the definition of "hard rock." Does it mean songs with guitars? Screaming? Loud drums? Or recorded on Amethyst? (rock joke). No one really explains. 


But at any rate, Guns N' Roses' "Welcome To The Jungle" got top honors, cementing VH1's recent mission to kick off a hair-metal revival. How that could beat out any, any, song in the Led Zeppelin songbook, is beyond me, but it chiefly beats out "Whole Lotta Love" and "Kashmir" here.


To be sure, there are some terrible inclusions on this list-- White Zombie, Winger, Andrew W.K., Europe, Buckcherry, and Evanescence, to name a few of many-- but overall, it's less annoying than their list of the 100 Greatest Hip-Hop songs


Here's the full list:

100 Sammy Hagar - "I Can't Drive 55"
99 Grand Funk Railroad - "We're An American Band"
98 Buckcherry - "Lit Up"
97 The Edgar Winter Group - "Frankenstein"
96 Kansas - "Carry On Wayward Son"
95 Creed - "Higher"
94 The Darkness - "I Believe In A Thing Called Love"
93 Autograph - "Turn Up The Radio"
92 Night Ranger - "Don't Tell Me You Love Me"
91 Smashing Pumpkins - "Bullet With Butterfly Wings"
90 Jethro Tull - "Aqualung"
89 Andrew W.K. - "Party Hard"
88 Alice In Chains - "Would?"
87 Winger - "Seventeen"
86 Marilyn Manson - "The Beautiful People"
85 Velvet Revolver - "Slither"
84 W.A.S.P. - "I Wanna Be Somebody"
83 Evanescence - "Bring Me To Life"
82 Rainbow - "Since You Been Gone"
81 Black Sabbath - "Heaven And Hell"
80 Journey - "Any Way You Want It"
79 Billy Idol - "Rebel Yell"
78 Bad Company - "Feel Like Making Love"
77 Soundgarden - "Black Hole Sun"
76 Lita Ford - "Kiss Me Deadly"
75 The White Stripes - "Seven Nation Army"
74 The Cult - "Love Removal Machine"
73 Thin Lizzy - "Jailbreak"
72 Pat Benetar - "Heartbreaker"
71 Jane's Addiction - "Mountain Song"
70 Foreigner - "Hot Blooded"
69 Living Colour - "Cult Of Personality"
68 White Zombie - "More Human Than Human"
67 ZZ Top - "Tush"
66 Europe - "The Final Countdown"
65 MC5 - "Kick Out the Jams"
64 Rollins Band - "Liar"
63 Survivor - "Eye Of The Tiger"
62 Dokken - "Breaking The Chains"
61 Ratt - "Round And Round"
60 Skid Row - "18 And Life"
59 Billy Squier - "The Stroke"
58 Stone Temple Pilots - "Interstate Love Song"
57 The Kinks - "You Really Got Me"
56 Warrant - "Cherry Pie"
55 Blue Oyster Cult - "Don't Fear The Reaper"
54 Faith No More - "Epic"
53 Steppenwolf - "Born To Be Wild"
52 The Runaways - "Cherry Bomb"
51 Megadeth - "Peace Sells"
50 Red Hot Chili Peppers - "Give It Away"
49 The Stooges - "Search And Destroy"
48 Korn - "Freak On A Leash"
47 Kid Rock - "Bawitdaba"
46 Anthrax - "Madhouse"
45 Foghat - "Slow Ride"
44 Cream - "Sunshine Of Your Love"
43 Dio - "Holy Diver"
42 The Clash - "Should I Stay Or Should I Go"
41 Quiet Riot - "Cum On Feel The Noize"
40 Poison - "Talk Dirty To Me"
39 Boston - "More Than A Feeling"
38 Queen - "Stone Cold Crazy"
37 The Who - "My Generation"
36 Van Halen - "Hot For Teacher"
33 Alice Cooper - "School's Out"
34 Heart - "Barracuda"
33 Green Day - "Basket Case"
32 Ted Nugent - "Cat Scratch Fever"
31 AC/DC - "Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap"
30 Pearl Jam - "Even Flow"
29 Joan Jett - "Bad Reputation"
28 Foo Fighters - "Everlong"
27 Whitesnake - "Still Of The Night"
26 Lynyrd Skynyrd - "Free Bird"
25 The Ramones - "Blitzkrieg Bop"
24 Iron Butterfly - "In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida"
23 Ozzy Osbourne - "Crazy Train"
22 Jimi Hendrix Experience - "Hey Joe"
21 Led Zeppelin - "Kashmir"
20 Bon Jovi - "You Give Love A Bad Name"
19 Rush - "Tom Sawyer"
18 Scorpions - "Rock You Like A Hurricane"
17 Twisted Sister - "I Wanna Rock"
16 Kiss - "Rock And Roll All Nite"
15 Motley Crue - "Dr. Feelgood"
14 Iron Maiden - "Run To The Hills"
13 Def Leppard - "Photograph"
12 Judas Priest - "Breaking The Law"
11 Deep Purple - "Smoke On The Water"
10 Motorhead - "Ace Of Spades"
09 Van Halen - "Runnin With The Devil"
08 Aerosmith - "Walk This Way"
07 Nirvana - "Smells Like Teen Spirit"
06 The Who - "Won't Get Fooled Again"
05 Metallica - "Enter Sandman"
04 Black Sabbath - "Paranoid"
03 Led Zeppelin - "Whole Lotta Love"
02 AC/DC - "Back In Black"
01 Guns N' Roses - "Welcome To The Jungle"


Jeff Tweedy, Wilco - Wilco to release live DVD before new album Sonic Youth Sonic Youth serve as literary muse for fiction anthology
Guns N' Roses
Led Zeppelin

Where's Britney Fox?! LAME! haha

/site_media/uploads/images/users/bryan/staff_bryankremkau.jpg BrYan

Eh, at least like 60 of the songs were good. I was surprised there weren't like 30 Ratt songs on this thing. It was fun to see all the hair metal guys try to justify liking Nirvana. Talk about grinding your teeth.

/site_media/uploads/images/users/Ethan/nirvana-corporate-rock-whoresjpg.jpg EStan


/site_media/uploads/images/users/mburr/Photo 44.jpg mburr

i'm thinking that jimi hendrix should have been a bit higher in the ratings. Without him many of these guys wouldn't be on this list.
And I definetly think Led Zeppelin should have been number 1


Ok well one thing The Who aint hard rock and kiss and guns n roses blow they suck why why why! I feel as though they put this list together without looking up what is hard rock...


creed? are you kidding me?


Old GNR def deserves the number one spot, you dont think GNR hard enough!?!?!? your an idiot idiot idiot!

Ridiculous on drugs

Of course The Who is Hard Rock. They practically invented Hard Rock. Check out Live at Leeds and the DVDs of The Kids Are Alright and Live at the Isle of Wight Festival.


Rush, Nirvana, Iron Maiden, Metallica... Hard Rock?


No Smashing Pumpkins? And Rush most definitly is hard rock.


There was Smashing Pumpkins, actually... check # 91...
And yeah, this list was definitely flawed... WTtJ is NOT #1... and the top songs had been looking so good... though SLTS is pretty high I think (although I know many people will disagree with me). I think Even Flow should've been higher, though... whatever.



The list loses all cred without Tool.


Good call Nick.

/site_media/uploads/images/users/mburr/Photo 44.jpg mburr

No wonder Brett Michael's did'nt enjoy doing the show, Poison isn't even in the list. They should be well up there.


Winger, Night Ranger, Survivor??? C'mon...Eye of the Tiger ahead of ZZ Top??? Wow, VH1 needs some help. And Tom, Poison is #40 on the list - too high for my liking!

Tommy Gee

MELHOR DO HARD ROCK ????? Vai SEu inutil desde quando Green Day, NIrvana, e outros ai eh Hard Rock esse Site eh uma Tremenda Merda ¬¬''' da raiva de ver vc colokando nomes de bandas dizendo que representaum o HARD, infeliz !!!

Revoltando !!!!

My understanding is the list was made by fan votes and we know how fickle they are...


I have to say that VH1 should get out of the business of doing Top 100 lists.......unless its Top 100 Lame Arse Music Channels and they tie with MTV for the number one slot.

/site_media/uploads/images/users/WillieBoy/m_0e17a4718ca3ea0b4bcf0364b506d27c.jpg WillieBoy

WTF? how can you make a list without a single PANTERA song....VH1 is retarded


journey-separate ways should of been on the list. awesome song. better guitar than a lot of these songs


They should have done something other than rely on the votes of VH1 viewers. Sure it's a music channel, but when you do that, what you get is the 100 Greatest songs as determined by VH1. If a band like Pantera isn't on the list, it just means that there's not very many Pantera listeners amongst people who vote on VH1. And some of this stuff I don't even call hard rock...its like they're grouping hard rock, grunge, and heavy metal all in one


It was the fans of the music that voted the songs on the list. They didn't just say "lets just get a list of random songs and call them hard rock" they put a vote thing on and then they based it on the top votes.


dude, where the hell is slayer? 4 out of 9 of slayers albums have been certified gold and reign in blood was nominated for heaviest album of all time.


u know wat? slayers too heavy for this countdown!!!!


2 AC/DC songs?!? Thats retarded AC/DC has like 6 more songs that should be here


What no Pantera? This Love and Cemetary Gates have great riffs.


i agree with nova.
but i think led zeppelin should have been #1


About 1/3 of this list is pure garbage. The most comical songs/artists on the list: Final Countdown/Europe (wow the organ on that song ROCKs, lol); Pat Benatar (power pop, maybe); I Can't Drive 55/Hagar (Hagar had some hard rock, but this is a pop song); Turn Up Radio/Autograph; Stroke/Billy Squier (gay song).

It looks like a bunch of 80's hair band flunkies got to vote. You know the days when any song that had an androgenous guy in lipstick and spandex and had a guitar solo was hard rock, LOL. Poison, Bon Jovi, and Def Leppard are pop bands, ladies and gentlemen, and always were.

If it was a true list AC/DC, Metallica, and Zepplin would have dominated. Also, I agree Pantera should have been on the list multiple times.


HUH? Where is Highway to Hell? :S, It's arguably one of the best and most famous hard rock songs out there! It should be top 10, but not on the list... !?!?


gnr's welcome to the jungle is the #1 hardrock song of all time if u dont like ur stupid and by the way this was voted by the fans so vh1 trying to bring back hair bands it retarded like the person that wrote this


zeppelin could have easily topped out the top 20 if vh1 had any brains.. only 2 zeppelin songs in the top ONE HUNDRED hard rock songs? fail


Terrible article/pop culture analysis. Gnr are an amazing hard rock been, Jungle is bar far a timeless hard rock, stadium anthem. The fans and industry critics voted for this list. The cultural impact of the Jungle was huge. Gnr wasn't a hair band. they were a sleazy, soulful, blues-based classic rock band with all the energy and angst of punk. They saved hardcore, rock n roll from all the eighties hair bands.


I love how many of the songs on here are from some sort of Guitar Hero/Rock Band video game. That's probably a bunch of 15 year olds voting for their favorite songs... Bunch of Crap! As soon as I saw no Pantera on this list I knew it was a little off on the voting. O well, I had fun laughing at some and agreeing with other spots on the list.


I got a lot of problems with this list as many of you but my two biggest are no Hallowed be thy name in the list and Zep only with 2, TWO, yes TWO songs in this list...vh1 sucks ass, oh and what the hell is Europe doing in the list!


that list should have been full of Pantera, Van Halen, Metallica, Megadeth, etc. there was maybe 5 hard rock songs on that list. bret and his fake hair can lick my bag.


I only agree with about 1/4 of this list. How come there is only one Queen song on there, and zero songs by The Doors. How could not have Boheimian Rhapsody on this list That is the greatest song of all time.


no slipknot?


any list that puts a Pat Benatar song above a Thin Lizzy song in the hard rock category is immediately suspect.

/site_media/uploads/images/users/tinnitus_photography/profile.jpg tinnitus_photography

This list is a joke, but it is based upon what people voted on. So it is a popularity list based on people that spend the time to vote.

I like Evanescence but Bring me To Life one of the greatest rock songs ever?

Like another poster said, NO TOOL? Tool redefined rock in such a way they are their own genre. Sober Should be in the Top 10.


Stairway to Heaven?


No pantera??? isnt this a hard rock list? No pantera? you gotta be fricken kiddin me


Joan Jett? Are you f***ing kidding me? What's with the lesbian music? I'm surprised, but impressed that Maiden got #14. Should have more in the top 100.


No Helter Skelter?


this list wasnt TERRible but theyre definately missing ALOT of bands and songs. evanesence should be removed but i honestly think all the music is great-just some not made for this list. as hair metal goes, i love it , but i admit some could be removed for other songs to be on this list such as QUEEN.


This list was so much of a joke, I think I laughed when Evanescence came onto my screen. This was supposed to be 100 Greatest Hard Rock songs, not 100 Greatest Piles of Crap. Creed? No, sorry, Vh1. Bad move.

The Kinks' You Really Got Me is a great song, but it isn't hard rock. Hard rock may have builded off of it, but it wasn't hard rock itself.

More Led Zeppelin and AC/DC, morons. At least Back in Black got number 2. But behind Welcome to the Jungle? Total joke.

Welcome to the Jungle is a cool song, but not the best of the best when it comes to hard rock.

Songs I was happy to see: Steppenwolf's Born to Be Wild, Heart's Barracuda, Alice in Chains' Would?


Scott Stapp or whatever that idiots name is from creed should never be in the same category as Led Zeppelin and The Who. This list has the most anti-climatic #1 since VH1's greatest songs of the 80's. Where are the Chili Peppers? Give it away's good but throw some LA boys a bone good god!


Where in the hell is 'Love is a Battlefield'. I Know it isn't hard rock but some of those songs weren't and Pat Benatar is the official "Queen of Rock".


Photograph? #13? Are you kidding me? it's probably the weakest song on that album. Has anyone heard of Led Zeppelin? {Black Dog, Immigrant Song etc.}


first off the fans that voted this list are crazy as hell they have no clue what hard rock/metal is. i noticed that almost all the songs are on guitar hero/rockband which shows how young vh1 watchers are. they wouldnt of known theses bands if it wasnt for those games. but i voted for songs and Vh1 only gave certain songs to choose from so the list is bogus and extremely gay europe? wtf who in there right mind voted that sshIITT. anyway the guy who dissed kiss guess who was on the first rock honors and the main event KISS. overated I dont think so. the song way overplayed but kiss has endless hits and alot of great songs only poser fans would vote for that song cause its the only one they know.

god of thunder

I will again say to back up the others. The list loses all cred without Tool. I am quite surprised of this farce of a list. Just goes to show how unpopular, popular vote can be.


Right....ONE Def Leppard song, and TWO AC DC songs... who wrote the list to vote on?


@Annaka No. Tool DOES NOT belong on there. Not deserving of it.

@god of thunder: I agree. There are other KISS songs I would voted for over that one. Many of which mop the floor with most of the songs on the list.

@JJ: Poison, Bon Jovi, and Def Leppard aren't the hardest rock out there but aren't even close to being pop bands.


Since I was conceived I have been listening to rock music. Any kind, any era, anything!!! The list is okay for the most part, but I totally disagree with the number one song. There are WAY better songs than "Welcome to the Jungle." That is a joke!!! I think the list needs to be reevaluated!!!!
If it was up to me..Mountian "Mississippi Queeen" would be on there, Blackfoot "Train, Train", Heart "Alone",and for sure a couple handfulls of 90s thru today rock (TOOL,Rob Zombie). AND there should be more Alice Cooper!!! I could sit here all day and list songs that need to be on this list.
I agree with "god of thunder" about the age of the voters for this list. I was reading it to my dad and he is in his 50s and he said "You can tell the makers of the list were in their 30s or just idiots."


How is i am my own worst enemy by lit not on the list? i'm not saying #1 but at it should at least be somewhere. also there should be way more ac/dc and led zepplin on here


I like the list because i grew up with all this music but there could have been a maiden song in there


its a great list... Creed rocks and so do most of these bands on this list... Oh and Guns N Roses is one of the hardest rock bbands ever... The Who is debateable but they have great songs.


Oh and Andrew W.K. is great along with Winger and some of the other bands u said that sucked. And Hair bands are the best kind of bands


Led Zep or Black Sabbath should be 1 and 2!!! And what happened to Pantera,Megadeth or Slayer!!


No Pantera, NIN, Anthrax, Tool, Pink Floyd, Doors, or Rolling Stones? VH1 Sucks. WTTJ #1. Awesome song. Yes. Hair metal. NO! Best hard rock song ever? Probably not. And I agree, this list was made by a bunch of 15 year olds who first heard these songs off Guitar Hero.


i have 2 things to say to VH1:

1. learn what hard rock is.

2. Led Zeppelin.

Led Zeppelin started hard rock, and only 2 of their songs are included? wtf? and they're NOT NUMBER ONE?

Zep should be this entire list imo. instead of all these piece of crap sell out bands. one of the worst lists i have ever seen.

though, i must say i'm surprised they even included Zep at all.


wheres the fuk is velvet revolver-slither?


jim, i agree. to many people think that the greatest (heavy metal) songs r on guitar hero. but maybe if they were to listen to other bands they would have picked better songs. like METALLICA! they shouldve had a different song on there than enter sandman. more like ride the lightning


OK, so...

Only 2 Led Zep songs and no Stairway to Heaven

No Pantera songs (erm, Walk, Cowboys from Hell, Cemetery Gates, I could go on...)

No Tool (Vicarious, Sober, AEnema, Schism to name a few)

No Slipknot (Sic, Duality, Vermillion, Left Behind, Pyschosocial)

And worst of all I think is the lack of RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE!! Killing in the Name should be in there at a minimum!!

All in all: a disgrace.

Ant Etches

First off, Guns N Roses should have had atleast five songs on here: Sweet Child O'Mine, November Rain, Paradise City, Don't Cry, Patience, and WTTJ is def one of the best Hard Rock songs ever! You probably hear this song more then any other song around the world. AC/DC, Led Zeppelin, Metallica, Guns N' Roses, Rolling Stones would have (Combined) probably the 15 out of the top 30 songs. Metallica is a thrash band. Zeppelin, AC/DC, Stones and GNR are TRUE Hard Rock bands! In my opinion, the best 5 Hard Rock bands of ALL- TIME are in this order. 1) Led Zeppelin 2) Rolling Stones 3) Guns N' Roses 4) AC/DC 5) Queen. Also where were Stairway to Heaven, November Rain, Bohemian Rhapsody, Sweet Child O'Mine, Bob Dylan songs??? Jimi Hendrix??? Neways...WTTJ might not be the greatest, but overall it probably is more of an anthem of rock that has lasted the longest with people of all ages. There for maybe the best Hardrock songs (not including ballads such as Nov. Rain, Stairway to Heaven or B.Rhapsody) Neways GNR, Zeppelin, Stones, AC/DC are the greatest bands ever......


Ohkay, all of you, shut up. Your annoying. You all have opinions, if you don't like the show, and vh1 is retarded, then don't watch it quit complaining the show already went up,, gehzz.


hardman ur a F****** DOUSCH BAG!!!!! u dont know jack s*** about hard rock

your mom

Well i think Wont get fooled again should have been higher but that is a amzing song, and why is welcome to the jungle always the top song, it not even all that good, well the reson i hate is because so many snotty 10 year olds only know that song from guitar hero and many "rockers" of today are in it because they played a game at someones house and like a song and decided to tell everyone and make a group of idrotic kids


This guy thinks Guns are a hair band??


WHAT THE ********************************IS THIS, CRAZY TRAIN 23, this is bull what the hell happend to AC/DC higway to hell, high voltage...
welcome to the jungle is a good song and deserves to be among the top 20 but not #1 I mean what happened to pries, maiden, zeplin, ozzy

a guy that doesn't like the dam list

Where's "Hair of the Dog" by Nazareth? That song is the essence of hardrock.

Why is the Darkness and Andrew W.K.? And Lit Up by Buck Cherry? Rage Against the Machine (anything by them) and Rammstein (anything by them) should've made the list.

I am cool with "Welcome to the Jungle" being the number 1 hard rock song, though.


Yep we all have opinions and we can express them. That's why there is a comment box on the article!!!
We all have probleMs with the list and no one will agree but it's good to know there are this many lovers of real music!!
So as far as I am concerned everyone just keep listening to good music Nd keep rockin your face off!!!
Marley has spoken her words!!!!


Slayer. Slayer. Slayer


Hardman287...I think Bob Dylan is far from Hard Rock.

I like many others was hugely frustrated with the results of this list. I think they really shot themselves in the foot with the whole 'one song per band' policy, with only four bands getting the luxury of two songs. There were many bands that were each snubbed three or four additional songs that are much better than all the filler songs they added in between the few legitimately good songs.

Also, I noticed after the second hour that each episode was treated like its own list, starting the hour with a rather poor song and finishing with a relatively good one. This is probably why we see strange orders like Bon Jovi beating out "Kashmir" for a top 20 spot, simply because VH1 wanted to finish the hour with a "bang."

As for "Welcome to the Jungle" being number one. I have nothing against the it personally. It's definitely a great song deserving of a place in the top 20, but it's not number one. I do thing VH1 has a love affair with Guns N' Roses, as the band seems to top most all of their lists. There is a noticeable generation bias towards bands from the 80's and 90's since they appear to be the decades in which most the people involved in making this list spent most of their time invested in music. Likewise with Rolling Stone Magazine, an older organization, that tend to demonstrate favor to earlier bands like The Beatles and The Rolling Stones.

Overall the list is very commercial. Both the songs they chose and the people they got to provide commentary give a fickle and marketed sensation to the whole thing. There is really little depth or insight into the demonstration of musical expertise, but what more can we expect from a demographic that considers "Rock of Love" entertainment?


Anyone who posted a genuine comment on here is really a bit of a sad bastard :l Why are you complaining to some crappy forum because you don't like the list you seen on a music channel.. Seriosuly.. get a life?


Sweet child o' mine should b top 5!!!!!

Greatest riff eva and not even a mention

But GNR r TOP!!!!!!!!!!


Just about any song by Tool definitely should've made the list.


where the hell is slipknot?


I personally think it's a good list; the only reason why it's put up like this is that VH1 lets the viewers vote and whichever songs get more votes, they higher they are. Oh, BTW just to name a few...

Hot For Teacher
Peace Sells
Crazy Train
Ace of Spades
Back in Black
I Wanna Rock
and Welcome to the Jungle all deserve credibly to be on this list.
Also, Evanescence sucks...


Bret looked so confused because all his supposedly funny lines were scripted. and i stopped watching it when Rush was awarded a spot on 100 greatest ....hard rock.....???? songs of.....ALL TIME!
i didn't even know rush had a genre, if you consider gay opera a genre.
oh and btw, andrew w.k's song about partying is so generic and TERRIBLE! no wonder he has resorted to motivational speaking.
i had no clue who the hell that guy was until i saw him pop up on the screen pretending to like the few good bands on that list!


Stu2291, no their not a hair band even though they have long hair. Their music is far better than hair metal.




Brett Michaels was doing more promotion about his new CD than Hosting the Greatest Rock Songs. It was disappointing to see him as host and more so to see Poison make it on the list. He is worthless and so is his T.V. show. I understand that the list was compiled by voters on the internet but in my opinion hard rock is zeppelin, ac/dc, van halen, stones, so on and so forth. Not evanescence, winger, andrew w.k., etc...they should be in a totally different category or genre of music. When i tuned and seen the first 20 I was aready P####d. Andrew w.k. is crap music. Not Hard Rock. It has worthless lyrics and sound like a bunch of noise. I like to keep an open mind to new artists and styles of music but stuff like that is just noise much like most of the music and new artists in the last 5 years. Although I am a Fan of alot of artists and songs on the list most of them should not have made it. How can you even list an artist such as Evanescence on this thing with led zeppelin. I am a Guns N Roses fan have read their biographies as well but welcome to the jungle as number one is B#####t. That song is so overplayed and annoying. There are so many more Quality classic artists who deserve the number one seat. Although i sat through all five hours of the show. I'm not sure if I could watch another one as Disappointing as it was.


FU AC/DC sucks, AC/DC is one of, if not the best hard rock band of all time. They must suck because after 35 years of kick ass rock and roll they still sell out stadiums across the world in 30 minutes, ya that must be y they suck, or because every one of their albums have gone multi platium, or because angus is one of the greatest guitarist ever. YOU need to learn who sucks and who doesnt!!!


WTF. No HIM, no Pantera, no Animals. and TWO Led Zeppelins?


And WTtJ is not #1.

And who the HELL voted Manson #86? He should be top 10 and a whole lot more of him.


WTF is greenday doing at 33. Their a punk band


OMG.... Pat Benatar not top 20.... she is the queen of rock.


They're not hard rock but im suprised Queen's song *We Will Rock You* wasn't number one


my top 10

1.stairway to heaven
2,bohemian rhapsody
3. back in black bird
6.crazy train
7.smells like teen spirit
9.we will rock u
10.welcome to the jungle

lord of the terrets

Where's Cinderella, Keel, Slaughter, Helix, Danger Danger, Nelson, Stryper, Gorky Park????????


Son canciones hard rock no estan ablando de las bandas PENDEJOS

eduardo silva

sorry but i think this list is OK.. i love most of the songs there and hard rock definatly doesnt mean heavy metal so for all of you who think this songs arent hard enough they are... but if u choose a guns n roses song to be number one i would have chosen sweet child of mine without any hesitation.


this list is completely what phuking world do hair band faggots deserve to be on the same list as bands like metallica,zeppelin, or ozzy? i dont care who made this list or how this list wa is 100% phuking wrong.

phuk kid rock...


and where is miss spears on this list??? i cant trust this list


i don't thnk that welcome to the jungle deserves to be #1 it's a reat song but not thhe best any led zeppelin's song should be #1 for me achilles last stand is the best song of all time and where the hell is pantera and cactus??


Why isn't Ryan Adams in this list?

/site_media/uploads/images/users/Banger/images-6jpg.jpg B/|nGerKat

when making a statement like "100 greatest hard rock songs of all time" obviously isn't going to be correct in everyone's eyes. I personally only really like 2 songs on the list, being STP and the smashing pumpkins, everyone forgets a band like radiohead who truly made an impact on music. half of this s**t like poison and motley crue was probably added because they had to justify a joke like brett michaels hosting it, seeing poison as a changing force in music is the same as seeing hinder or nickleback as one.. but i guess all the voters are brainwashed by the mainstream and this is evident as the terrible christian anthem that is "higher" is on the list.. and yes i agree tool should be on the list, i really have a problem with many of these so i unno i guess ill stop there


I'm really missing Tool here, yeah. And really ... Jungle's not a number one for me, I'm sorry. I mean, yeah, it's THAT well known. But it isn't the best ever. Lists lik ethese are never all accurate, though ...


I agree Sam


I really didn't even know about this since I'm too busy being a dad and having a real job and all that crap. I only saw the show and wished I voted. The ones who voted for this list must think Pearl Jam is old school classic rock, but for guys like me who saw Deep Purple live, watched Aerosmith implode, played the Kiss albums backwards, and remember cruising and listening to Zep only to hear after the song of Bonham's death, see this list as it is - an argument that only will see "The Real 100 Hard Rock Songs Of All Time" sometime soon. Rock on....


Oh Ya, I agree and disagree with alot you. Tool is missing!! and I think Rage Against The Machine is Missing!! They desserve a bigger spot than alot people on the list. Also Enter Sandman shouldn't be there!! Master of Puppets or any toher Metallica song should be. But who wants a list full of Zep songs. Sure they are great but what a boring show, 20 songs for Zep, 10 for Ac/DC, 20 for Hendrix, pretty lame list, needs variety and it has that.


#1 should of been



The list is not that lame and many that suggest bands or songs forget that this is meant for hard rock

Tool, Pantera, Slayer, Megadeth and Rage ATM SHOULD have been there, and green day (punk) red hot chili pepers (funk) creed and evanescence are also a waste of good places... clearly not hard rock tunes... and there's this silly dumbass who proposed the Bohemian Rhapsody? WTF???


heres my personal top 10 list:
1. bohemian rhapsody - queen
2. stairway to heaven - led zeppelin
3. more than a feeling - boston
4. (i can't get no)satisfaction- the rolling stones
5. tnt - ac/dc
6. dream on - aerosmith
7. eruption - van halen
8. baba o'riley - the who
9. smoke on the water - deep purple
10. hey jude - the beatles

and by the way, if journey counts as hard rock, bohemian rhapsody definitely does


OK, let's start with the songs that SHOULDN'T have been on the list... Marylyn Manson, what??? He is a stupid goth and rock isn't his thing. His thing is eye liner and slitting his wrists. Green Day is punk not rock, and Red Hot Chili Peppers?? Sure, they have a few rockish songs but Give it Away is definitley not one of them. Kid Rock is country, and what is Eye of the Tiger DOING on the list. It's on OK song, but it's pop. And last, Welcome To The Jungle; what a disgrace.... #1 !?!?!?!?!?!?! Maybe top 10, but not 1. Now the ones that SHOULD'VE been on the list. I'm glad Aqualung is on the list, but I think it could've been near 50. Stairway to Heaven, one of the GREATEST SONGS ON THE EARTH AND ALWAYS WILL BE!!!!!!!!!!! No Beatles; boy, are you people stupider than Peter Griffin. The Beatles are AMAZING. Also, I agree with the others, where is the Queen. The Queen song on the list is a song I've never even heard. Another song missing, Gimme Shelter by the Rolling Stones. There are so many songs that ARE NOT, I repeat ARE NOT on the list that I can't even name them all. VH1, if you ever read this, PLEASE make sure you choose the songs and not VH1 viewers because you get a whole bunch of dick heads to choose Welcome to the Jungle as the top song. The song is good, but NOT the #1 greatest hard rock song!!!


Why are you all bitching? No one said you had to agree or watch this. Further more, who is to say that one song is better than another? Get over it.


wow whoever vorted f***** this list up. No Slipknot, Disturbed, or even Lamb of God!!! At least System and Marilyn Manson made it. Lacking a lot of new bands.



/site_media/uploads/images/users/Banger/images-6jpg.jpg B/|nGerKat

All of the biotching, crying, moaning... WOW GUYS... You should all {ok, maybe not "all" ;) } be ashamed. My husband is the heavy rocker, not me, but some points seem to have slipped by MOST of you:
It is a list of the Greatest Hard Rock SONGS, not Hard Rock BANDS... Some really hard rocking bands didn't have ANY great songs! :)
I was brought up old school: "Hard Rock" = "Heavy Metal", "Acid Rock" may or may not = Hard Rock, "Grunge" is a mix of Punk & Heavy Metal, & therefore would qualify, Punk is NOT Hard Rock!
Did NONE of you lame fools notice #39?!?! I mean, WTF?!?! BOSTON?!?!?! Why is it even NEAR this list?!?!? *roflmao* I was shocked, & I do mean SHOCKED {as was hubby} that NONE of you, NOT ONE, mentioned it being on that list! *ha ha* Wow...
Oh well... I'm done. Have fun chopping away, I won't be reading follow-ups anyway; I never do. Waste of time. Mostly because I don't care what anyone thinks about my posts on whatever site they may be on. Just sayin'... ;) :D


the list may not have been the best but it was one he*l of a way to spent 3 hours in front of the tv


As for AC/DC, Back In Black is a good song, but I think TNT or Thunderstruck rock harder. To all of you spewing all of this garbage about Tool, Rage Against The Machine, Megadeth, etc., those are all METAL BANDS, and this was not meant to be a heavy metal list in any way, shape or form. While it is true that these ARE good bands with great songs, I believe all of you are confusing hard rock with heavy metal. VH1 should have definitely been more clear about the genre of "hard rock", and I agree with you on that. As for the list, I also have some problems with some songs that made the cut, but try putting yourselves in VH1's shoes for a moment and consider each and every single "hard rock" song that was ever made & then try to narrow it down to the very best 100 songs from that list & then try to rank them in some way. It all comes down to opinion, and we all have one. So, the next time you see another "100 Greatest" list come out, try to keep that in mind as you go through it. Maybe VH1 should come out with a Heavy Metal list for all of you headbangers out there. Just remember that there is a big difference between "hard rock" and "heavy metal." Take care & thanks for listening.


Also, as for the Ted Nugent song that was selected, that was a lame choice. Stranglehold is a much better song imho.


@ EDDIE: Sorry to ruin your day, but Kid Rock is FAR FROM BEING COUNTRY!!! NOT EVEN CLOSE!! I don't think you can classify Bawitaba or even Cowboy as "country" songs!! You are a fool if you think so. Kid Rock is exactly what his name says....ROCK!!


Kid Rock is more country than CMT.

/site_media/uploads/images/users/Banger/images-6jpg.jpg B/|nGerKat

how does walk by pantera not make this list, but ANY song by BUCK CHERRY does?


i hate every single thing about that band.

/site_media/uploads/images/users/Banger/images-6jpg.jpg B/|nGerKat

can we talk about how pantera was not on this list? what the hell. and why the hell is brett f*cking michaels hosting this. and i found kid rock's presence on this list uh...interesting to say the least. i did agree with many of the songs. ac/dc, led zep, metallica, gnr; glad at least they are all up there. though i do think there might have been a bit more.




True that:

Soulja Boy > A tool you can use to fix stuff > Tool

/site_media/uploads/images/users/thestorfer/1202393jpeg.jpeg andross

KID ROCK? EVANESCENSE? can kiss my ass VH1..!!



Lil Bow Wow > Evanescence

/site_media/uploads/images/users/thestorfer/1202393jpeg.jpeg andross

Where is "ONE" , "Master of Puppets" "Paradise City", "stairway to heaven", "bohemian rhapsody"
"Helter Skelter" ????????? This list is just a bad joke


i agree with eddie and el diablo. its not hard 2 figure out this stuff. they could just set up a website with a poll. plus its probably older cuz kurt cobain was talkin on it and he died 13 years ago. and is it just me or does


i agree with eddie and el diablo. its not hard 2 figure out this stuff. they could just set up a website with a poll. plus its probably older cuz kurt cobain was talkin on it and he died 13 years ago. and is it just me or does "didyoureadthiswholelist" seem like a bitch and a poser? i mean u dont get experience with rock cuz ur husband likes it and way back in ur day, rock was different. 2 her and karaokematthew, there isnt much of a line between hard rock and heavy metal. in my opinion, metal is hard rock. its just a specific type like grunge or acid. theres hard rock, punk, soft rock, and the other weird genres. hard rock is just anything but the other genres and ppl like billy joel or elton john who dont have a guitar in their band. and punk is not hard rock. marylin manson sux and anybody who likes any kind of rock knows that. at least green day is almost hard rock but marylin manson is not


WHAT THE F...!!!!!!!!!




The list does have some artist I dont agree with but I do think evanescence deserves to be on this list, Bring me to life was a huge succes, making evanescence the fist successful female led band of this decade. Not to mention that females can infact rock. So to all you evanescence haters go back to that rock you crawled from. This band showed that female led rock is not a joke. Many other bands such as nightwish, lacuna coil, within temptation, ect have bigger fan bases because of evanescence be the steping stone to these other great bands. Had it not been for evanescence i never would have listened to them. So rock on Evanescence i think this band will be around for a long time to come.

/site_media/uploads/images/users/prefix/no-user-pic.gif jazer426

The lady that said her husband is a rocker and knows stuff about rock doesnt mean you know everything about rock. I also agree with josh. He has quite a few good points. And anyone that says Metallica, Megadeath, Godsmack, Slipknot, Distured, M. Manson and all those bands can go shove it up your ass and make your own list of TOP 100 HEAVY METAL SONGS. Then shove that list up your ass..... AGAIN!!!! A hard rock list would consist of bands like Led Zeppelin, Hendrix, Black Sabbath, Creedance Clearwater Revival, Alice Cooper, Van Halen and a few others. Then you have a list of about ten bands with their songs. None of the metal and punk and crap all mixed together to make hard rock because then you are changing the WHOLE genre. So anyone to say a band that is not Hard Rock is a dick head.


gnr b.s


thank u eddie. i totally agree. 2 jazer: ur completely wrong about evanescence and female led bands. first off, heart was on there and they're female led, but also, u have 2 have a low, masculine voice, so u either have to be a guy or smoke a lot. eddie is right, but there arent enough good hard rock bands, and some bands like iron maiden r right on the line between metal and hard rock.


1. STH Zeppelin
2. BR Queen (not sure if this song is hard rock at all)
5- SOTW Deep Purple

Hard Rock does not = Hard Rock+All its subgeneres !!!

On this list we have: Heavy Metal, Thrash Metal, NuMetal(not metal! jaja), Punk,...

VH1? I was already diasaopoited anyway!


Serously,two led zeppelin songs? I could name 9 zeppelin songs right off the top of my head.
No iron man or stairway to heaven? Those two songs redefined hard rock history and easily deserve to be in the top 5...
And only two ac/dc songs, what a joke!?
No thunderstruck, highway to hell, you shook me all night long?
Welcome to the jungle number one..? Good song, number one? NOOOOO.
Rollins band,

bob marley

What about The Ramones? ain't a punk band? Smoke on the Water out of the Top 10???!!! By that time I was so dissapointed anyway...


the ramones shoud have bben on here..and come on..smoke on the water soudl have been hight,,same with kashmire...epic riffs. Otherwise is was pretty good ...more acdc maybe...i'm glad marilyn manson was on there.more scorpians might be nice.Well all of you who didnt liek it..they are makign a new one os just go on and vote. Ohh yea...and Loverboy should have a tleast had one song on there.And I liek that creed is on thhere.


the ramones are like a mix of punk and rock but i mostly agree with jpaa if u can read his his list, ull c how great it is. r u the real bob marley?



You are completely right about women being able to rock. But are kidding me? Evanescence is one of the worst female-fronted bands. They are barely hard rock; a pop-rock band more than anything. Bands you mention as being made accessible through Evanescence success are each a 1000 times better, and it was from THEM that Evanescence derived there current sound, so really without them you wouldn't be enjoying your water rock. If they wanted a band that was dark, female-fronted, accessible, popular but didn't suck hard why not Nightwish? The whole thing's a joke.


This was wrong, so wrong, welcome to the jungle on top, it's a good song, but not that good, at least it's not better than back in black or whole lotta love. What, no pantera, but we can still find green day, no bohemian rapsody but yes you can find the final countdown. There are like 100 more song that deserved to be in this countdown, but I think that it wasn't supposed to be about the greates songs anyway, they sould have named "the 100 bands that we can see on vh1".
by the way manson doesn't sucks but he's not hard rock, it's industrial , a whole different cattegory, like nine inch nails, ministry, skinny puppy and many more.


FOR &$#$ SAKE!
I damn you VH1!!!.. your next special should be "HARD ROCK FOR DUMMIES"


despite a lot of people saying disturbed shouldn't be on this list, i think down with the sickness should be because it was HUGE when it came out and it still is today. disturbed has softened up, though.


Where is Whiskey in the jar??? Enter sandman must be the number one


hhmmmm.yeah most of you dumbasses think some of these songs are the greatest thing to happen to your f****ing because you heard from rock band or guitar hero. they should have the list exclusive for people who had their balls dropped and grew some carpet. only they understand what is hard rock and they LIVED DURING THE TIME A SONG WAS POPULAR.
Songs out,any by evanescence,andrew w.k.,or manson. top 20 is almost flawless except for bon jovi,WTF???!!!!
and what sammy hagar said,journey is usually snubbed in lists like this one, the viewers shouldve done just that on this list.journey are not hard rock,they are a ballad band!!!


And refused?

don pene gigante!

where is the first hard rock song in all history:
helter skelter from the beatles it must be in the top 10


My god Rush is on the list, that's crap, put in led zeppelin or black sabbath, but metallica is thrash metal..... and take out #29, 47, 75, 83, 84, 89 and 94

Snarf snarf!

songs that shouldn't have been on the list

lit up
party hard
bullet with butterfly wings
the beautiful people
more human than human
give it away
ace of spades


i doubt ill ever see a vh1 countdown again...
europe and hard rock dont go in the same sentence...


there should be more pantera on the list, and i HIGHLY disagree with welcome to the jungle being number 1. i think walk from pantera should be number 1, oh and enter sandman should be in front of master of puppets


What the hell.
Led Zeppelin only has 2 songs?
I can say mostly all their songs need to be on that list, especially Stairway To Heaven.
They are probably one of the most unforgettable bands that have ever lived.
Creed? Thats messed up.
Walk this way by Aerosmith?
Aerosmith has better songs than walk this way.
Where's Sweet Child O' Mine by Guns N' Roses?
There should be more Black Sabbath, Iron Man was one of the best songs!
This list is soooo screwed up.


Yes one of the best bands has a song in the top 10!
I love them,
But i disagree with Welcome to the Jungle.
Guns N' Roses are incredibly awesome,
I think Sweet Child Of Mine is way better.


Led Zeppelin #1 !!!

donde esta el himno del rock? STAIRWAY TO HEAVEN!!!
wheres rock's anthem? STAIRWAY TO HEAVEN!!!

vh1 chinga tu madre
vh1 f u c k your mom

Erick The Hitman

jester was exactly right. this list isnt about the greatest hard rock songs. every single band on here can be seen on vh1. on their website they didnt have any of the best people. then, they like only would put 1 song by each band and they ran out. also, sorry bout wat i said earlier. girl bands r fine but evenescense and pat benetar are the worst girl singers of all time. them and fleetwood mac


Oh my god. VH1 just defiantly put out the memo that they completely suck at making lists. I mean come ON! Europe is about as hard rock as the Jonas Brothers. Where is Slayer and Pantera?! Oh and what is up with not putting Thunderstruck by AC/DC or like one of the many wayyyyy better Metallica songs on here than Enter Sandman? Well whatever this list sucked major ass and Led Zeppelin should have dominated this list by being number one, not with having Kashmir sit at fricken TWENTY ONE!!! Next time another list comes out I want to see Led Zeppelin, AC/DC, and Metallica all at the top.


Almost everyone here has done nothing but complain about the peope who actually took the five minutes out of their life to vote on the songs in this list. If you could take five hours out of your day to watch it knowing damn well that vh1 sucks at these lists then you should have voted for the songs you wanted to see. You people probably skip election day and then bitch for the next foir years about how bad the president is. So unless you voted and are pissed that your song didn't make the list just shut the f*** up.


how did kid rock beat the blue oyster cults dont fear the reper.this might be the 100 greatest rock songs but ther surley not in any order. and for lol (the person who said rush, nirvana, iron maden, and metallica arent hard rock), i under stand that you dont listen to good music because alot of people dont. but saying that rush, nirvana, iron madien, and metallica arent hard rock is like saying antarctica is hot. those bands are gods of hard rock. idk y u would say such a thing

rock fan

THANK YOU Anon!! I completely agree!!


i agree that this list is crap. ac/dc should have more songs in the list, as well as Iron Maiden and Rush. hell this list is all screwed up,


me recontra cago en todos los hijos de puta ineptos pubertos del orto que creen que GnR fue una "hair band"

As JAKE said:
"Gnr wasn't a hair band. they were a sleazy, soulful, blues-based classic rock band with all the energy and angst of punk. They SAVED hardcore, rock n roll from all the eighties hair bands."

It's true, GnR kill the eighties hair bands


getting back to why pantera isn't on the list, i think its because they are considered TOO heavy for hard rock. they are pure heavy metal. if you watch vh1's 40 greatest metal songs, cowboys from hell and walk are on that list and they top some of the songs on THAT list that are on THIS list. i still think walk should have been on the list because that song kicks ass, but sh*t happens.
On another note, if ZZ Top was on the list, where the hell is Stevie Ray Vaughn?


por la mierda, vi todo el programa, de la 100 a la 20 y me perdi la mejor paret! por la crestaaaaa!

I dis see all the programme, from numbre 100 to number 20 and after that I couldnt see the best parte the number 20 to the 1!!!! fack!! ajajajja


You bunch of cry babies!!! WAHWAHWAH! Cool list yeah there were ten thousand songs that should be there but I liked hearing about the bands they did show. I miss Behind the Music .. Yeah idiots AC/DC is great but this isn't the AC/DC 100 is it


I think everyone agrees, this list sucks. The early Zeppelin, Sabbath and Bon Scott era ACDC albums should occupy the first 60 slots, and the rest should go to some seriously heavy bands: Pantera, Motorhead, Black Flag... I guess this is what I should expect from VH1.

Also, "giving" GNR first place won't help them sell any copies of "Chinese Democracy". That album sucks!


This list was kinda strange but what's wrong with putting modern rock songs on there? Bring me to Life and Down With the Sickness are both known by everyone, and still popular today 5-8 years later- Dont complain just because your stuck in the 80's some modern is good to( and Disturbed is not metal lol)


Ya where is tool?


ok i do have to say i am only 23 years old but i no alot about music and some of these people/bands like Creed, Nirvana, Green Day, Kid Rock i do not considered Hard Rock, this is what i consider hard rock:

Pink Floyd
Greatful Dead
if it was the viewers of VH1 should have gave a bigger selection to vote from i think if they had had a better selection then the countdown would have been better or even maybe went by the record charts

/site_media/uploads/images/users/mylilavers0517/Theresia & Ava.jpg mylilavers0517

dear christ, how are people still responding to this?

/site_media/uploads/images/users/Banger/images-6jpg.jpg B/|nGerKat

well on the actually countdown poison is on it. and i think creed shouldn't even be on the flipping countdown they arent considered hard rock in my POV


This list is an abortion. A true travesty and an insult to the intelligence of Hard Rockers and Metalheads the world over. It's impossible for me to believe that this was a poll conducted by REAL music fans, but chosen by radio listening losers with an emphasis on trend hopping.
If one looks at the same genre poll conducted by Martin Popoff some two years previous, you'll see what I mean.
Where were the fan favorites? The deep album tracks?
The show seemed more interested in appealing to a mass demographic by placing basically one song by artist, not realizing they were compromising there integrity with it.

First off, most songs made in the last ten years have no business on this list. They need proper time to settle into the psyche to prove themselves "classic".
Second, many of these songs are genuine BAD songs. Why is Creed on this list? Or the Darkness? Or Buckcherry? Or Evanescense? What rocker actually voted for these disasters?

Notable omissions:
Victim of Changes-Judas Priest
Hallowed be Thy Name-Iron Maiden
Master of Puppets-Metallica
Holy Wars-The Punishment Due-Megadeth
War Pigs-Black Sabbath
Symptom of the Universe-Black Sabbath
Rock bottom-UFO
Space Station Number Five-Montrose
Child in Time-Deep Purple
Easy Livin-Uriah Heep
Balls to the Wall-Accept
Angel of Death-Slayer
White Room-Cream
All Along the Watchtower-Jimmi Hendrix Experience
Denim and Leather-Saxon
The Trooper-Iron Maiden
Beyond the Realms of Death-Judas Priest
Painkiller-Judas Priest
Am I Evil?-Diamond Head
Toys in the Attic-Aerosmith
Children of the Grave-Black Sabbath
Mr. Crowley-Ozzy Osbourne
The Last in Line-Dio
Hail and Kill-Manowar
Crystal Mountain-Death
Bohemian Rhapsody-Queen
Stairway to Heaven-Led Zeppelin
In My Time of Dying-Led Zeppelin
Rock and Roll-Led Zeppelin
Black Dog-Led Zeppelin

Probally a few hundred others....but you get the point.

Next time it'd be nice to see a list compiled by people who actually like the music.

Udo Dirkscheider

What about the Deftones?


It also needs more Judas Priest like Painkiller, You got Another Thing Comin', Breakin' Tje law is not their best song.Jeez.


Only ONE Metallica song? WHAT!?!?!? Where's Master of Puppets, One, For Whom the Bell Tolls, come on. Also how is Europe hard rock, how is School's Out better than Hot For Teacher, and why isn't Black Hole Sun at least in the to 30?

p.s. mr. bstgitrevr, velvet revolver/slither is #85.

And Where's all the Zeppelin? Where's Black Dog, The Immigrant Song, Stairway to Heaven, and Heartbreaker. It also needs Thunderstruck, Angel of Death, Highway to Hell, Raining Blood, Cemetary Gates, Indestructible, and Johnny B. Good, the FIRST ROCK SONG EVER!!!!!!!!!

This list totally sucks. How did Back in Black not win? I didn't vote for it but come on, I bet tons of people did. What is up with this list, it just doesn't make sense.


hard rock
A style of rock 'n' roll characterized by a harsh, amplified sound and loud, distorted electric guitars.
(from dictionary)
You say tomatoe, we say tomato? Its all perspective. Its just like driving - all you guys think youre the only ones on the road, but in reality, MOST of you dont use your blinkers, stop at stop signs, and drive slow in the left lane. And the rest of us gotta put up with your stupidity.


WTF? Where's "Helter Skelter? "Sabbath Bloody Sabbath"? "Purple Haze"? "Stairway To Heaven"? "Sgt Pepper"?

If I chose this list, about 5 bands would have dominated. Beatles, Hendrix, Zeppelin, Who, AC/DC. And really, "Highway To Hell" should be on the list, and about 4, minimum, Pantera songs.

Beatles- not the heaviest but atleast add "Helter Skelter", the original metal song, hell it could have been the Mötley version, and "Sgt Pepper".

And no Stones? "Brown Sugar" and "Satisfaction" are great hard rock songs.

"Master of Puppets" sould be on here.

And Creed? Evanessence? Poison? Jethro Tull? Europe? Next it'll have Britney Spears and Madonna.

Beatle girl forever

Thou shall not slander White Zombie. And yes, where IS Tool on this list. What a joke.


Where the hell are Tool, Pantera and Rage Against The Machine???

hair piece

need more sabbath and van halen


Okay, there is somethings wrong with this list. Well Led Zeppelin unarguably started heavy meatal or hard rock. Jimmy pages rifts were udescirbably amazing and there record sales showed that. Stairway to heaven? that was an amazingly large hit. and yeah some of these bands are not hard rock some arent even rock. The Who? Should of been higher they were rocking and makeing and invented "Rock Operas" with Tommy. Welcom to the jungle.. woah wat a let down


hey why dont u stop bitching about fans voting for them when all of you people were just as able to vote on the songs you wanted on the list just as the people that did. So stop complaining that your favorite song didnt make the top 100 when its ur own damn fault for not voting.

u people are stupid



I thought it was a pretty good list but they could have had
The number of the beast Iron Maiden
Hallowed be they name Iron Maiden
More Judas priest songs
More Zeppelin songs
Bohemian Rhapsody Queen
Cowboys from Hell Pantera
More Motley Crue songs
More Van Halen songs
More Kiss songs
Rainbow in the dark DIO
One Metallica
Metal Health Quiet Riot
More Scorpions
More Def Leppard
More Ozzy
More AC/DC
Balls to the Wall Accept
War Pigs and Iron Man Ozzy
More alice cooper
Shake Me Cinderella
Once bitten twice Shy Great White
Rock the Night Europe
More Jimi Hendrix
I hate myself for lovin you Joan Jett
Hair of the dog Nazareth
Pink floyd
More the Who
More ZZ Top


i thuoght falling to pieces - faith no more would be on there and the should have put creeds song higher at least at the top 20 c'mon thats an awesome song i was rockin out to that song when i was 8 in 2002 thoght it cam out in 1999


no pantera no doors i hate this list queen got ripped off where the hell is pink floyd or nazareth faith no more over the kinks and WHERE THE hell IS THE BEATLES they were like the greatest rock band ever NO STONES that's just wrong


Where the hell is system of a down????? do you even know what hard rock is, its not pop like creed

System of a Down

They were trying to get OUT of that era and type of band.
They were hard rock. They are legends, end of story.
And yes, there were better bands EX: Led Zep AC/DC Jimi Hendrix Experience etc.. BUT the song Welcome to the Jungle : NO ONE would've thought about making a song about L.A and nick-naming it 'the jungle' Thats f-cking brilliant.
Guns N' Roses may live on !


some of them were great! but they should have had more twisted sister and def leppard!!!!


this is why i only watch that metal show they know what real music is.and why is marilyn manson on the list and slipknot isnt?marilyn manson sucks,hes one of those people that people listen to his music because they dont have a the people that voted mansons song the beautiful people YOU HAVE BAD TASTE IN MUSIC.and i agree with alot of people pantera,tool,and disturbed should have been on that list.and to one of the people above me the reason kurt kobain was on it is that they view interviews from the past they did the same thing with manson




gnr should be in back a least 12 space and zeppelin should be number 1 with stairway to heaven and tool, the stones, the doors, deftones, more who and aerosmith, and take out the darkness , wringer, mc5, and autograph and the list would be perfect and if the switched like 20 of the songs around


Where's Neil Young's hey hey my my should be on it


no beatles? back in the ussr, birthday, helter skelter, revolution, kansas city/hey,hey,hey, oh darling, why don't we do it in the road, hey jude...just to name a few.


God you guys are so stupid, vh1 DID NOT, I REPEAT- DID NOT, decide the list okay? The stupid vans voted for these songs, so quit attacking vh1.. And if you realize the top 10 or so songs are all songs off of Rock Band or Guitar Hero, especially #1.. So this list was probably decided by 12 year old kids that "RULE AT THAT SONG" .. Get a clue


Gotta give it up to STINKY, He/ hit the nail on the head. I love reading all of the posts just to confirm to myself how insane this world is. Everyone just loves handing out their worthless opinions and everyone always thinks they're right...even me! Just watched the show actually, and found it pretty damned entertaining, and took it for what it was... Gotta love VH1. BTW, #1 song should've been "A Fair Judgement" by Opeth..Hmm, or maybe "Hand of Doom"/Sabbath. You know,maybe just maybe I'll go and make my definitive list(even though some of you might be be tempted to post and call me a loser b/c I'm wasting some of my precious free time to devote to such a worthless activity lol)and come back and post it here..just for you,"BANGER", since you've been faithfully coming on here to post from the get-go!

Stinky's pal

i think that kickstart my heart should be in place of feelgood. and another thing, how come welcome to the jungle is in no. 1 on all these lists, its not that great of a song. BS



joe morrison

Don't hate on GH/ROCkband, it's not the video games fault.
Ok. Creed, and all the other modern groups deserve thier places. So do the Grunge bands. So do some of the more obscure hair metal bands.
But you know what is missing? MODERN METAL/METALCORE! It's not all hard rock, so why not put stuff like Avenged Sevenfold, BUllet FOr MY Valentine, Tool, and all that. And maybe some modern punk. Rancid, Social Distortion, Rise Against... GAH. Dissapointed vh1... Dissapointing...

Not manson.

Motley Crue is the best band ever. if you somehow havent heard much by them instead of Girls, Girls, Girls - Smokin In The Boys Room - Shout At The Devil - Live Wire - Looks That Kill - Home Sweet Home - Wild Side - Dr. Feelgood - Same Ol Situation - Without You - Saints of Los Angeles - then you NEED to hear more. They kick Guns N Roses ass.


...ok, first of all, seriously people. Second saying Creed and Evanescence are pop bands is insulting. Evanescence is Alt/Goth rock, ok. Third it's called 100 Greatest Hard Rock Songs. which is quite limiting because so many sub-genres come from that. There are only 100 spots on the list and they can't please everyone! Also add in the fact that eligible songs range from the 60's to the late 00's. There are a lot of songs that are really good that should have made the list I agree. But the songs that were chosen were really good too. So just let it goooo. It's over okay. Maybe Vh1 should make list's with sub-genres so there wouldn't be soo much crying and wining from people who are supposed to hard rockers! Calm down and think about it rationally.


Helter Skelter and Paperback Writer beat the crap out of the vast majority of that list. As a matter of fact, *ABBA* beats the crap out of most of the list.


No Man in the Box by Alice in Chains...come on


I really wish they had have appreciated unsung bands like Kyuss and Clutch on this countdown. Those bands are heavy metal gods.


I can't believe nobody's mentioned Meat Loaf. Am I the only Meat Loaf fan?




barracuda by heart and bring me to life by evanescence should switch. heart is not harder than evanescence, not by a long shot. and wtf is with leaving out slipknot, disturbed, the doors and weezer could have been in on this yo..........t


Rock and Roll All Nite should be number one. Welcome to the Jungle is a good song, but isnt the rock anthem. Where the hell is Aerosmith???


This list is a complete, epic fail. VH1s demographic has disgraced all hard rockers out there.
Only 2 BLACK SABBATH songs? really?! they pioneered heavy metal (yes heavy metal = hard rock, as much as it pains me) they should have included black sabbaths
neon knights
falling off the edge of the world
die young
the devil cried
selling my soul
or TV crimes, at the very least.
what about DOKKEN?
kiss of death
into the fire
tooth and nail ;should be there!
And only 1 IRON MAIDEN song?! wtf is up with that? iron maidens;
rime of the ancient mariner
total eclipse
flight of icarus
the prisoner
hooks in you
hallowed be thy name
aces high
caught somewhere in time
flash of the blade
the clairvoyant... etc. should have been on there and any Iron Maiden song should have been number 1.
You really let me down VH1, you should give the voters a better list or make the subject of your voting list a little more clear.

Up The Irons

Best Hard Rock songs, and not one Tool song. I call shenanigans. BS!


this is one of the worst lists ive ever seen u cant b serious putting welcome to the jungle as #1 no knock on it its a good song but def not #1 worthy the top 10 should of ben a showcase of sabbath the founder of heavy metal, zepplin, metallica and ac/dc with maiden just missing the cut cuz they r the groups that had the songs that shaped the whole genre of hard rock and metal


Uhmm, Where's Pour Some Sugar On Me?!


Uhmmm, How about Would I Lie to You ?

Annie Lennox, Eurhythmics


i came here thinking this was going to be a bang up list. now i'm very disappointed. AC/DC is one of the greatest hard rock bands ever in the history of forever, and now they only have 2 songs up there? WTF? and only one Aerosmith song? did they have like a concussion while they were writing this thing? and for god's sake, WHY THE HELL is gnr at #1? screw this list!


People need to realize that this list was devised from the people's vote. If you wanted your opinion to matter, you should have voted. End of story.


i thought that was the greatest list ever i think there was a few mistakes but all in all great no complaints here and some people need to get a higher list of songs listen to some more types of music


Where is Smoke on the water? You must be kidding....


Jimmy you must be a 12 year old, who plays guitar hero all day! If you had half a brain you'd know this is a terrible list. No Pantera, Tool, or Doors! "Roadhouse Blues" are you kidding me! Shocking that only one Hendrix song "Hey Joe" made the list, Where the hell is "Purple Haze"!! It seems to me that vh1 and all their teenage voters wanted every artist in the history of music on this list. They fail to realize there are 10 Led Zeppelin that are better than Andrew WK's "Party Hard".........I take that back EVERY!! Led Zeppelin song is better than party hard!!! Watching it I remember laughing hard seeing "The Darkness" and "Korn" also Europe's "The Final Countdown"! One of the worst songs of all-time!


You guys are all idiots. You all think you personal favorite band should be in like the top ten. Then you go and complain about VH1 not having your favorite band in the list. GET OVER IT. QUIT UR WHINING. LUZERS


okay seriously Dokken

they suckkk

the who shouldda been number 1
or led zeppelin

dont get me wrong i love guns n roses but no way are they number 1

peyton loves the who

okay seriously there are 38592037543957890234572043 great hard rock songs this was the top 100

and it was who was voted the most
yeah guns n roses shouldnt be number 1

but thats just our oppinion
so stop being whiney little bitches

Peyton loves the who

I'de like to see Highway to Hell and Rock and Roll Ain't Noise Pollution mentioned. AC/DC Made some of the greatest Rock songs out there. I think that a Bon Scott song should be higher on the list. AC/DC's older songs have a sound that cannot be mistaken for anything. Angus Young is one of the greatest guitarists out there, and not one guitarist can do what he does every concert.


Guys, Tool is METAL! not Hard Rock. The list wasn't perfect but I'm glad I found it, it was better than 98% of the other crap on T.V. and alot of good music was played.




More Judas Priest! Victim of Changes, Sinner, Beyond the Realms of Death, Painkiller, Electric Eye, You've got another thing comin', A Touch of Evil etc etc. More Maiden, more Zeppelin, more Sabbath. Less glam XD


What r u talking about the Who invented hard rock! And Jacke, all those songs u said are heavy metal, not hard rock. But yeah they definitely need less glam. More classic rock. Free Bird is a rock anthem it should be top 3 at least. But the list isn't bad. Here is how I would have done it:
1. Won't Get Fooled Again
2. I Can't No Satisfaction
3. Free Bird
4. Back in Black
5. Black Dog
6. Walk This Way
7. Last Child
8. You Shook Me All Night Long
9. Start Me Up
10. Girls, Girls, Girls
11. Immigrant Song
12. Stairway to Heaven
13. Fat Bottomed Girls
14. Anyway You Want It
15. Brown Sugar

Sorry Stairway isn't higher but its more folk rock for about seven minutes before that great solo. I also agree with Cody its better than most of the crap they show on TV so stop complaining.


alright alot of the songs i like but come on no stones hardly any handrix and an the poeple that voted for poison are idiots...their not any type of metal band their makeup wearin douchebags...o and rush...RUCH SUCKSSSSSSSSSSSSS...theri not even hard rock!!!!!


VH1 lists are stupid! Period! They are interested in promoting who they like and current popularity - how does the latter come into play with an ALL TIME list? Do they think their thinly veiled attempt at credibility can be gained by getting only 20 right out of a hundred on any given list? A monkey throwing darts could do that. Even less veiled is their revisionist history attempting to supplant Led Zeppelin with Black Sabbath as the founders of Heavy Metal. Again, it's their own vision they're promoting and state it as fact. No one is buying it but the uninformed. Led Zeppelin were the founders of Hard Rock. Sorry if they're not your favorite VH1 nor did they do a reality show on your channel!


I just watch this last night they are all wrong. Pantera's Walk should be #1, Slipnot Duality #2 Black Sabbath Warpigs #3


only one Maiden Song? Only one megadeth song wow Man and Nirvana on that list stupid.. One more time Maiden should have at least one song in the top ten

Tommy H

...and Stairway to Heaven by Led Zeppelin???


Freebird? Hard Rock? Really? If Freebird even belongs on this list, it definatley beats welcome to the jungle!


Yea really, no stairway?
Slipknot and Pantera aren't hard rock by the way, don't know how Nirvana is even on there, Welcome to the jungle does NOT beat Back in Black, no way.Stairway is #1


Agree or disagree, all of this is about personal taste, not something that any one person can state unequivocally... "this is rock/this isn't rock." Oh, one can, of course, but then one just sounds like a moron. There were a few songs in the list that took me aback, that I didn't necessarily agree with, and I certainly missed a few real contenders I think should've been there. But, in the end, it's about little more than personal opinion and taste. I could never stand Slayer, Pantera, or Tool, myself. Personal taste. Opinion. And mine is as valid as any other. And despite being a long-time Rush fan, I don't really think of them as "hard" rock. Tom Sawyer might be many things, but "hard" isn't one of them.

But anyone who thinks women can't or don't rock is a flat out idjit.


Pantera, Slayer, Trivium, In Flames, G3, Judas Priest, Alice in Chains, Anihilator, Black Label Society, etc, so many good hard rock groups and how the hell they come up with this!!!

At least they included Wasp and Skid row (well i should have choosed something like youth going wild instead of i remember you, but is a start)

VHI should be ashame, what a joke


There does seem to be a problem here with what VH1 designates as "hard rock" (and what they designate as "great", too). I agree with the majority of their picks, but Creed, Andrew W.K., Evanescence and Buckcherry shouldn't be anywhere NEAR this list. Also, "Seven Nation Army" is a good song, but I personally wouldn't have put it on this list either. Too much 80s hair metal. I agree with the consensus here that the lack of Tool, Pantera and Rage Against The Machine are regretful, but then, I noticed the Sex Pistols, Pink Floyd, Yes, King Crimson, Ministry and Nine Inch Nails also got left off. I'm glad they represented Jane's Addiction with "Mountain Song" and not the more obvious "Been Caught Stealing", but Jimi Hendrix should've had something other than just "Hey Joe"-- "All Along The Watchtower", or "Voodoo Chile (Slight Return)", or "Purple Haze", or SOMETHING. Of course, "Stairway to Heaven" should've been on the list, and it should have been #1 rather than GnR. And, I know there are two Sabbath songs on the list anyway, but... no "Iron Man"? Really?
And by the way, am I the only one who thinks it's shameful that "Kashmir" got topped by Bon Jovi?


What about "Golden Country"?


These lists are designed to make people argue about them to generate interest, ratings, advertising revenue... keep feeding the fire guys.


I always thought Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen is the best rock song ever... wasn't even in the list!
What happened like seriously?
Stairway To Heaven By Led Zeppelin should be in that list and i expect it to be at least in top 5!


WTF? no chop suey?
This sucks


I just watched this program on MuchMusic tonight and yes we all have songs that were not listed in the top 100. Please remember however that this show was based on input from people going to the VH-1 website to cast there votes. This list came from all the people who took the time to vote. So, you should not complain about it if you did not participate.


What about Radar Love by Golden Earring!?!


IMO The Stooges should have been much more higher in this odd ranking. I don't care if they're not filed under "Hard Rock". They were hard like no one else.


Yeah, I was reading through all these comments (I have no life) thinking "wow, these guys have it all wrong!" Y'see, I'm a wee bit obsessed with Queen. So o'course I thought tons of Queen songs should have made the list ("Bohemian Rhapsody"; "Hammer To Fall"; "Killer Queen"... Hell, even "Tie Your Mother Down". Then of course classics like "We Will Rock You" and such...) I'll admit not every Queen song should be on the list ("Radio Gaga"; "The Miracle"; etc. aren't "Hard Rock" at all), okay, I sidetracked, ANYWAY, then I realised.... I'm just like all these other guys! We all just want OUR favourite band(s) up there. So of course no one is going to be happy. Some of the songs DEFINITELY shouldn't be there (I shall echo the words of pretty much everyone else: "Creed? Really?") Hell, man there definitely should have been "Helter Skelter" and a lot of the other songs people have listed... I love "Welcome to the Jungle", but I don't think it should be number one... Digressing again...
But anyone, seriously, there are so many bloody good bands/songs that everyone loves, and they all have their own following... So.... Yeah.
I was terribly useful. /sarcasm
P.S. Eddie... You've really never heard "Stone Cold Crazy"?


Kashmir is not of ledd zeppelin, this song is of jimmy page and robert plant

fabian prunster

where is lacuna coil,slipknot,what about were not gonna take it


I think they got a lot of the countdown right.
Creed, belongs on this list. They have written some great songs, and Higher is a fantastic song.
I think that Welcome to the Jungle or Back in Black would have been a perfect choice for number 1. Are those my two favorite songs in the world? Nope!
But they are two of the most recognizable songs of Rock N' Roll.
I think there should have been more of some particular artists but overall the list is pretty good.
So Welcome to The Jungle is number one, I personally don't have a problem with that, and GNR is one of the best short-lived bands in Rock N' Roll/Metal history.


WTF is wrong wiz ol ya... Stop F--K Complaining.
Yeah the list sucks. but why didn't u Losers chose ur song when u had z chance.

U Make Me Puke

Wheres do you feel like we do by peter frampton?

that song was rock legend


I think the list is fair, at least the top 10 part. guns'n' roses totally deserve the 1st place.


hey ain't nothing wrong with the list.... sure i wouldn't put guns and roses as top but otherwise it is a great list, it may not e songs you like yourself, but it is by the voters and this many people can't be wrong... well then again, Obamaa was voted in and look how many people voted him in, that was stupid, but oh well that is off topic. my final say is i loved the list and love the songs on it


i would definitely cut away half of that list,i mean where are Dire straits:|..i'm surprized they didn't add tokio hotel so far.Whole lotta love is(in my opinion) a horrible song:) heartbreaker,black dog are one of their best,even though welcome to the jungle sounds way better than your favorite song i wouldn't put it on the first place..lets say "money for nothing" :-?and back in black has nothing to do with the second place:| a 5yo could do that with some practice,i mean is for from gnr..slash could kick angus' ass anytime:)


This was an okay list. Some omissions include "You've Got Another Thing Coming" Judas Priest; "Killing In The Name" Rage Against The Machine; "No One Like You" Scorpions; "Sister Christian" Night Ranger; "Fire Woman" and "She Sells Sanctuary" The Cult; "Here I Go Again" Whitesnake "Would" and "Man In the Box" Alice in Chains; "Plush" Stone Temple Pilots; and "The Boys Are Back In Town" Thin Lizzy.

I think "Higher" is an okay song but not even Creed's best. Andrew WK is painful and "Any Way You Want It" and "Eye of the Tiger" very loosely fit into the genre.

And, a lot of punk rock is hard rock.


are you kidding me?....AQUALUNG by JETHRO TULL, 90th?!??!?!


i agreed, ghenzo....! there's a lot of things in this chart wich don't work....


set guns and roses in -100


I think the people that voted or this are the people who have a over obsession with slash.

The list needed more led zep aerosmith and van halen. And what happened to stone cold crazy?


First off I am almost 20 and I grew up with most of those songs thanks to parents with awesome taste in music:) So thankfully no crappy guitar hero bs for me. It sucks. Learn how to play a real guitar and then you can brag about playing a rock song. Haha. Okay, enough babble. Now to my point.
Personally, I liked a lot of the songs on the list. Were they all hard rock? No. Do they deserve to get credit for being great music? Yes. But if vh1 is going to make a top hard rock list, they should just limit it to only hard rock songs. That doesn't exclude bands that aren't "hard rock" but the song had d*mn better be if it's gonna be on the list. Some bands on the list were definitely more metal than hard rock, and yes I think there is a big difference between the two. And some songs were so far from being anywhere near "hard" it was pathetic. Creed?? Good song. Not top hard rock song material however. Pantera I consider to be more metal though very, very good so in my opinion it shouldn't have been on there anyway like many said, but that's just me. Evanescence I thought classified though, maybe it should have been closer to 100 than it was, considering all the other more worthy songs. I chose those examples because I saw so many complaints about them, not to single them out, so no offense.


I Think AC/DC's Song Back In Black Should Have Been Let There Be Rock Cause It Has Alot Of Solos

Not important

Ok, it's called VH1's 100 Greatest Hard Rock Songs list, not Andrew's or Bob's or Mickey's list. It's alright if you disagree, everyone has different taste and points of view, but that you don't like the list that doesn't make it any less valid. This kind of lists on VH1 are open to votation for long periods, and a lot of hard rock fans, just like the person that wrote this article, or the many that left comments afterwards, were free to vote. So it represents what most people, or more exactly, what most of the VH1 viewers consider the best of hard rock. VH1 has never claimed this is the "Ultimate hard rock songs list", nor that the songs were listed by musicians or experts, they repeat plenty of times during the show, that the vote of the viewers is what put any of the songs on the list. That said, take it for what it is and enjoy it. I can certainly say that I had a good time watching the show and listening to the comments of the different musicians and comedians.


Honestly, why are you arguing that there should be more led zeppelin songs??

would the list be fun if there were 30 songs by them in it??

there are big flaws in the list, but there's a bunch of good music there :)

Welcome to the jungle is an AWESOME song, and face it, no matter what they had placed as number 1, you guys would've complained...

More than a feeling should have been higher up :o !!


Evanescence must be #1


okay i think that VH1 could have done ALOT better with this....i mean come on seriously? Where the hell is all the ACDC OR AEROSMITH??? DAMN MOTLEY CRUE WAS BARLY ON THERE. GIRLS, GIRLS, GIRLS Is awesome and its not even on the list??? thats messed up....
More Motley Crue!
More ACDC!!
More Alice Cooper!
More Poison!!!
And no Beatles???

VH1 sucks....=/


ok gnr definetly was perfectly placed dat song totally changed the gme n was definetly made a change in a time wen all metal music sounded generic its gritty n jus raw energy is definetly #1 material n comon slash is one of the best guitarist BBBBUUUUTTTTTTT WWTTTFFF!!!!! jimi hendrixx should of at least been top 5 n mayb wit another song lik voodoo child hey joe was prolly used because it was the most commercial song but he had aloott of great music that also shaped 2days musik most of these bands wouldnt evn exist wit out Jimi hendrix REALLY COMON top 5 AT LEAST


ok Smashing Pumpkins is DEFINATLY not hard rock. "The world is a vampire." WTF?!?!?!?!?!?! and why wasnt Stairway To Heaven on the list? thats a kick ass song. Jimi Hendrix shouldnty b on the list at all, the bastard cant play guitar for s**t unless he has a wawa peddle and a s**t load of PCP


tool should have made the list, sober maybe or Vicarious


I came looking for a list of the BIGGEST hit's of the 80's. What the hell is this crap. Now I remember why I stopped watching them YEARS ago.

The Dork of Cork

WTF!!! one MEGADETH song, bs

ur mom

would you like some cheese with your whine because i have a massive piece of gouda for you f**ktards


shocked, nirvana made it up there tho they should have been #1 and i dont care what anyone thinks about that. some of this sh*t is WTF, like greenday.. i like them dont get me wrong but hard rock? no.. they are punk. fail. whatever VH1 dont know sh*t about real rock.


I can't Believe that We're Not Gonna Take It didn't make the list, it was one of the biggest songs in the 80s


Come on. Everybody has an opinion. Mine is that this list is missing too many songs to list. I think that Mountain's Mississippi Queen should have been there too. Many Henderix's song too.


WTF is this list? Guns N' Roses beat out AC/DC? And AC/DC beat out Zeppelin? And I'm not really a Slayer fan, but they are dubbed "One of the big four" of thrash. Shouldn't a band like that at least be included in the top 100? Gawd.


You should have seen the songs that missed the cut, a few were good, but some were eww

112. "Shout it out loud" KISS
111. "Are you gonna be my girl" Jet
110. "Get free" The Vines
109. Once bitten, twice shy" Great White
108. "Shake me" Cinderella
107. "One" Metallica"
106. "Cowboys from Hell" Pantera
105. "Sober" Tool
104. "Rockstar" Nickelback
103. "Chop Suey!" SOAD
102. "Woman" Wolfmother
101. "Mississippi Queen" Mountain

so, What do you think?


where in the F is Purple Haze?!?!!


decent show i thought i have little to no opinion on hard rock but if all these songs were on a playlist it would be a garanteed good time
maybe not the best list but gooood music !

little ladies opinion

Just to clarify, I believe the list was compiled by votes from VH1 viewers, not VH1 themselves, at least, thats what I heard a few times out of Bret Micheals mouth. And in any event, its nothing to get worked up about, its simply another dumb compilation list, but it was nice to have it on the TV over the weekend to listen to. Some good hard rock music in there...not just metal.


There's a great version of Stairway to Heaven by the Australian Doors which I find better than the original. Anyone heard of Lucinda Williams's version to Highway to Hell? That rocks.
@Raiderguy - agreeing with you about the good hard rock but almost all of them are radio friendly hits.

Mrs Miller

Man.... i really hate the fact that i see a lot of songs here that were on guitar hero... it makes me think that the people who voted for this list are just kids who only listen to the music in the game... anyway... welcome to the jungle deserves number 1 so shut up.

Me not you

Where all the NEW NOW bands! ?
Those bands sound like something my dad listens to! >:l
Alesana ? U should try listening to them
Black Veil Brides? there really good in my opinion! :/
Escape the fate ? I love them! x)

u should really try getting bands that us teens listen to! mhm! x)


There's only 1 RUSH song on the list. Therefore the list is dog crap. The person(s) who created the list and produced the show are idiots. Guns & Roses?? Are you flipping kidding me??

Rock Fan

The songs on this list are doubt...but not all are HARD rock! For someone who has listened to this music for as long as it has existed, I can definitely tell you this does not represent the top 100 best rock songs of all time!! It is hard to make a list like this as it represents music that has been around since the 60's. If you were not around listening since the 60's, maybe you should not be allowed to vote because you obviously do not know what you are talking about!!!!


has vh1 or the voters heard of stairway to heaven or highway to hell 2 very good songs oh ya and what happened to van halen and motley crue van halen had 2 and motley crue had 1 r they serious this is a terrible list


Why aren't there any Stones or Beatles on here? Someone think that bands of the Eighties and Nineties are Rock? Anyone ever hear Helter Skelter by the Beatles? Pat Benetar, Great White, Grand Funk, are you kidding? How about Sympathy for the Devil by the Stones?


i was surprised gnr got number 1 maybe number 2 but i like them .
europe ? really ? epic fail i think alot of these arent hard rock. where are the stones ? and give the who credit they are hard rock .


This was a bit disapointing,not a big fan of welcome to the jungle,but i dont think its the best over ALL those songs i mean they put it before hendrix,nirvana,the who,zepplin...etc all those amazing bands.I was kinda hoping for "Revoloution"by The Beatles,since they infulence alot of people and that song happens to be kick ass,i think they should have spared a spot there but its not my list....


ok all of u r stupid to think gnr dont deserve number 1 cause they do they are hard rock and they are an amazing band Go Guns 'N' Roses Go WHOOOO Love u guys

Greenday/Guns 'n roses lover

GNR definitely deserve a spot on this list, but not number one, if anything that should be Zeppelin. BTW Where the hell is Stairway to Heaven?

Raining Blood

So, VH1 is stating that "Buckcherry - Lit Up" is better then "Led Zeppelin - Immigrant Song"? Wow!
I've always liked Journey, but are they really considered hard rock?? They really missed the mark on this list.


No "Baby I love your way", "10,000 fists", "Violet", "Killing in the Name", "Another Brick in the Wall", "Rock n' Roll Hoocie coo", "Before I Forget", ( I know I'm going to get hurt for this, But) "One Step Closer", "Tonight I'm Gonna Rock You Tonight ", "Snorting Whiskey", "Lie", "Fast as Shark", or "Du Hast". D': But other than that a good List


This list needs more Van Halen, "Aint talkin Bout Love", "Jamies Cryin", many more


Tot sure why you think White Zombie shouldn't be on here. They're certainly more deserving than Creed.

Max Mouse

Iron Maiden "Run to the hills" at #14 and Whitesnake "Still of the night" at # 27????? Meanwhile Stairway to heaven didnt even get in the top 100 !! Idiots must make these lists.


WOW. Look at the 4th comment, the guy has my name and posted the comment on my freaking birthday xD

And I completely agree. What the hell is Green Day doing on the list? Where's "Stairway to Heaven" by Led Zeppelin or "Simple Man" by Lynyrd Skynyrd? IMO, those two would be the 2 best songs of all time. Where's "Hell's Bells" by AC/DC? These VH1 guys were smoking crack.


Warrant's "Cherry Pie" is on here? why? that song's lyrics and video were so cheesily bad, and in my opinion it helped signify the final nail in the coffin for hair metal. people got sick of how stupid the songs of those bands had become. and people may be upset that Pantera, Slayer, and newer metal bands like Slipknot aren't on here, but they forget that this is a VH1 list. they have to include hard rock songs that are pop-friendly enough and not "too hard, heavy and possibly offensive" for your average listening audience. i expected "Smells like Teen Spirit" to be in the top ten, since people still think Nirvana changed the entire face of rock forever (when all they did really was help kill off the hair bands and usher in alternative rock's very short-lived domination). i also would have included Rolling Stones on here, as well as more Jimi Hendrix. and the Sex Pistols. and where is Lenny Kravitz' "Are You Gonna Go My Way?" that song still rocks and doesn't sound dated at all!


welcome to the jungle shouldnt be number 1 that should of been Stairway to Heaven and no Pink Floyd in the list that bull crap and The Doors - Light My Fire or Break On Through or The End should of been on that list im pissed off that


I think a lot of ppl have lost the purpous of this list, based on personal tastes. I don't fully agree with this list, far from it. This should have bin, top 100 rock groups, not songs. Ac/dc, led zepplin all have dozens of songs that changed the way rock was made, and could easily dominate the top 20's. I'm not a big zepplin fan, but can acknowledge their importance in rock history. go on any fan sites for metallica, megadeath, gnr or pantera. and call em "rock bands"... They will want to hang you. Metal and rock was obviously mixed together. Angus young once said, he didn't think they were a "hard rock band". They juss like rock n roll, and were inspired by the likes of chuck berry. This should have bin, like I said earlier, bands who changed rock history, all rock put together.


welcome to the jungle is WAY overrated IMO tGNR has some good songs like IMO paradise city. i put names to faces with some songs watching this tho. not bad but welcome to the jungle shud have been 4 and paranoid b #1


where the f is primus at on these lists? have people forgotten how awesome they are?


Excuse me - where is the song that even beats Freebird? The 4 guitar army Green Grass & High Tides by the Outlaws! The greatest guitar free for all of rock & roll ever.


These lists are ridiculous! What such list would match any individual's list? So why would any list like this matter to anyone? Yet we like it!!!!
hahaha (I think 18 by Alice Cooper instead of School's Out, and Slade should have gotten in for Cum On Feel the Noize, not the COVER of it. Man alive!) See? I DO care. Let's face it...


These lists are ridiculous! What such list would match any individual's list? So why would any list like this matter to anyone? Yet we like it!!!!
hahaha (I think 18 by Alice Cooper instead of School's Out, and Slade should have gotten in for Cum On Feel the Noize, not the COVER of it. Man alive!) See? I wasted my time reading this list! As did we ALL!


no NIN march of the pigs




1.There is a difference between Hard rock and metal.
2. Stop making there be only 1 or 2 from each band. The good bands stay good.
3. I can understand Posion but wtf. The Who? Their good but, That song wasn't Hard rock.
4. The Beatles are gods. Sure they aren't hard rock but Helter Skeleter helped pave the way, and Deserves to be there at least for Them being there.
5. Aerosmith is good but Walk this way was over rated, we can all admit. There should be like 3 songs of theirs at least.
6. The Stairway should have been #1. The Stairway is forever. Welcome to the Jungle was good, But shouldn't have been in the top 20.
7. Wheres Queen: We will rock you? I Think my search is broken.
8. wheres Highway to hell?
9. More Thin Lizzy, ZZ top, Aerosmith, Led Zeppelin, Jimi Hendrix and AC/DC. At least put in a Pink Floyd.
9. Creed? LOL.
Its an ok list, but needs work.


queensryche? duhh


gnr swt chld o mn, zepp stairway, irn mdn #of th bst rn t th hlls... MAYBE drgnfrce but idk s dnt crtc m yet. but all in all EPIC FAIL FROM HELL!!!!!

mikee wrightttt


I can name 10 songs off the top of my head that'd be better than nearly ever song on this list. I'm sick of Tool not getting the recognition they deserve as an elite band. They didn't make it on the top 100 best artists of all time either. alisha keys is better i guess......


People saying some of these guys ain't hard rock, but explain to me what hard rock is? It's something that as taken on many forms you know. Genres that come under the hard rock banner are 'glam, Britpop, grunge and post-grunge, thrash, to name a few. Hard rock is just a loosely defined genre of rock, pretty much saying if you're in the rock game you come under the banner 'Hard Rock'


Okay I'm not sure if somebody mentioned this before but where the hell is Man in the Box by Alice in Chains? They have Would? ranked very low on the list and no Man in the Box, which was THE ORIGINAL GRUNGE SONG out even before Smells Like Teen Spirit. Not to mention, it's a bad ass song. Layne Staley's vocals were some of the best I've ever heard. How the hell is Man in the Box not on the list?

Eric Meyer

This is more like the most Popular. If it was the greatest, #95 would be "What If", #80 would be "Next", #73 would be "Holy War", #62 would be "Into The Fire", #60 would be "Youth Gone Wild", #22 would be "Purple Haze", #14 would be "2 Minutes to Midnight", #3 would be "Welcome to the Jungle" and #1 would be "Stairway to Heaven". For what it is, it's not a bad list, I like a lot of the songs.

/site_media/uploads/images/users/prefix/no-user-pic.gif MetallicSlayer1234

Guns N Roses best band EVER!!!! everybody who disagrees that welcome to the jungle shouldnt be the #1 greatest rock song ever Your ALL RETARTED and dont know what rock is. Hell there shold of been more GNR songs on that list, paradise city, sweet child o mine, rocket queen, you could be mine, mr.brownstone, nightrain, my michelle, its so easy, and so many more.


Rolling Stones didn't make the list. Jumpinjackflash? I'd say that was the first Hard Rock song.


Anything by Tool should be number one.


this list is complete crap...30 bands should make up 90% of all yhe songs , not the other way around , black sabbath , led zepplin , judas priest , robin trower , ACDC , blue oyster cult and not dont fear the reaper , aerosmith , ted nugent , deep purple , ozzy solo , rush ,QUEENS RYCHE , should make up two thirds of the list...With bands like blackfoot, uriah heep ,sabatage , UFO , TRIUMPH ,cinderella . mountain , the james gang , jo jo gunn ,and some hair bands making up the rest.....sorry RAMONES FANS , BUT EVERY TRUE HARD ROCK FAN HATED THEM THEY WERE A DISCRACE TO MUSIC

mopar joe

Well, I believe GNR is the number one, but others might not be in this list.... Some others like Led Zepellin need to be @ numer 2 or 3... And for the guys first message.... It's "Britny Fox" m%$@*! @u*&^r!!!!


There are so many things wrong with this list we could make another list based on the flaws.
One: You have a song by Thin Lizzy that nobody into modern music has ever heard of when you should have The Boys Are Back In Town, which is a song that everyone knows, in its place.
Two: Tool and Pantera are not on the list. Schism and Walk, that's all I have to say.
Three: Rush and Metallica both only have one song on the list. (No Limelight, Freewill, Master of Puppets, Fade to Black?)
Four: Buckcherry's on the list. (really?)
Originally, I was gonna' say that for Pearl Jam, either Alive or Black should be in place of Even Flow, but Even Flow is more of a hard-rock song.
Ska didn't get much love on this list. Down by 311 should be on it.
Keep in mind that this is just my OPINION, same for everyone else who posts here. There's no reason for you flamers to go menstruating all over other peoples posts just because you don't like what they have to suggest. If your musical preferences are that dissimilar from someone else, just agree to disagree because it's very unlikely that what you have to say is gonna' change what they listen to.


This list is a joke. That some of these songs are even called "hard rock" baffles me. You have a mix of things like grunge, alternative rock, heavy metal, punk, etc. Hard rock is its own separate thing. This show should just have been "100 Greatest Rock Songs." Criteria to determine what belongs on here include the quality of the song, originality, popularity, impact, and influence on future music. I think these deserve to be nowhere on the list:
Sammy Hagar
Grand Funk Railroad
The Darkness
Night Ranger
Lita Ford
The Cult
The Kinks
Quiet Riot
Iron Butterfly
Twisted Sister

I think that in their place should be:
Tool- either Sober, Stinkfist, Schism, or Vicarious
A Perfect Circle- Judith
Bush- Everything Zen
Live- I Alone
The Offspring- Come Out and Play
Cold- Just Got Wicked
Slipknot- Before I Forget
Pantera- Cemetary Gates, Cowboys From Hell, or Walk
Slayer- Angel of Death
Sepultura- Refuse/Resist or Roots Bloody Roots
Venom- Welcome to Hell
Sex Pistols- Anarchy in the U.K.
Joy Division- Transmission
Talking Heads- The Great Curve
Thrice- Deadbolt
Black Flag- Rise Above or Six-Pack
Queensryche- Revolution Calling or Speak
Dream Theater- Pull Me Under
Army of Anyone- Goodbye
Biohazard- Punishment

Furthermore, I feel like some artists got the wrong song:
Hendrix should have been Voodoo Child (Slight Return)
Metallica should be Master of Puppets
The Lower-Ranking Van Halen should be Ain't Talking 'Bout Love
Thin Lizzy- The Boys are Back in Town

Just my thoughts.


Beatles should have made the list at least once with either "Revolution" (fast version), "I want You/She's so Heavy" or "Yer Blues" and many others.
I have to laugh a little to see the Kink's song is considered harder rock than some of these I've named by the Beatles. Even "Taxman" they recorded earlier is harder than the one by the Kinks.
Some of the young whipper snappers have yet to realize how influential the Beatles were in transition of Rock & Roll, to hard rock and heavy metal. They claim the Beatles were lame because they've gotten a hold of some of their earliest stuff (also great). They don't let their brains make the connection of the fact that even the Stones and Who had cute-sy songs in their earliest years because all of these groups were between the transition of Rock & Roll, into the heavier sound. Can you believe someone would actually think that they would be singing "bee-bop-a-lu-la" one year and turn right around the same year and crank out a Led Zeppelin. Please people! - understand that rock had to evolve just a bit more slowly than that!
The Beatles were and always will be the greatest pioneers of rock in the history of it. Among the pioneers are also The Who, Stones, Hendrix, The Kinks, Clapton, Pink Flyd, etc.... but all of them must pay homage to the Beatles it or not.




All I have to say is Bohemian Rhapsody.


I totaly agree.Welcome to the jungle is the best song!!!

Rock dude

This chart is really a joke for the the bands and songs
Where are
Rainbow with kill the king or whitesnake or Dio with dozens of songs
Blackfoot, Riot, Triumph, Deep P, Michael Schenker, ecc. ecc.
Anyway Long live Rock 'n' Roll


"Carry on my wayward son", at #97? The whole list crumbles at that point! Too many absurdities to mention in this short comment!
Where is "Sweet home Alabama"? Ridiculous!


MOTLEY CRUE FRIGGIN ROCKSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I WASNT EVEN BORN IN THAT ERA AND I LOVE THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i was born in the MODERN years.. 1997.. BUT I LOVE THEM!!! and poison, and warrant, skid row, slaughter, ratt, MOTLEY CRUE, HATE HATE HATE STP!!!!!!!! but love motley crue, MORE MOTLEY CRUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I don't see why everyone is complaining about this list. I'm pretty sure they left it up to a vote on their website, and I'm pretty sure that none of y'all voted on it. And just because it doesn't have certain bands or songs that y'all like doesn't make it bad. Sure, it's a bunch of different types of rock, but who really cares? In the end, it's a pretty rocking list.


Why the hell did Evanescence, Rollins, Creed and the Darkness make the list and not actual hard rock bands like Disturbed, Slipknot, Pantera, and Slayer?
I'm very disappointed.

VH1 Sucks

Alright look, Hard Rock is defined by the era the song was created in. Today we look at Don't Fear The Reaper and think its really soft, but when the song first came out, that was considered Hard Rock. Before just saying a song isn't Hard Rock, look at the popular songs of it's era.


No Rolling Stones song? And who the f**k are Creed, Evanescence and Green Day?!
P.S.: WhatUpYo excluded The Kinks, but hard rock would be nothing without them..


There are a lotta songs that could have made the list but I really have a problem with Boston's "More Than A Feeling". Get real, that song is not hard rock. You want a replacement, how about "Rock n Roll" by a group called Led Zeppelin.

T Leno

This list can't be taken seriously without any TOOL or Pantera....not if you're going to call it hard rock.


Won't get fooled again @ #8? Should be #1!


No Queen???!!!


Will someone please tell me why the hell there is no Pink Floyd or Doors or Rolling Stones on this list? There should be Black Dog, Immigrant Song, and Stairway to Heaven. Some of these are just a joke. C'mon Evanesence and no Stairway??? I thought that would be number one. Then GNR popped up. Oh my goodness, what a let down. And Tom Sawyer def. deserves to be on this list. And where is Helter Skelter??? Gah, this list sucks bad. Needs more Queen and Hendrix too.


I mean, please tell me where Money or Another Brick In The Wall pt. 2 is??? And if Free Bird is allowed on this list then so is Wish You Were Here. And where is Light My Fire or Touch Me or Break on Through, or Roadhouse Blues??? Or Purple Haze? C'mon, we're talking hard rock and one Hendix? Plus, Helter Skelter invented most of the songs on this list.


Oka whoever put welcome to the jungle as the number one hard song didnt listen to it and hasnt heard it over a thousand times played at the hatley football games now aerosmith and bon jovi and the scorpions i can understand but these pple seriously havent heard serious rock and roll and if they caint find any maybe and my friend should go up there and give them some advice just call we will come


Hard rock! Metallica ain't hard rock! Nor slayer nor pantera nor slipknot... If y'all had put metallica #1 in top 100 hard rock artist james hetfield would've slapped.. They are metal bands... Excluding all metal bands this list is very good! Vh1 rocks... And for the one who's crying that their band is not on the list, i'm sorry but your band ain't good enough... Guns n roses is always number 1.


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