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VH1 to Conduct CSI-Style Investigations Into Michael Jackson and Tupac's Deaths

The seemingly never-ending popularity of the CSI franchise has caused the folks at VH1 to do a little real-life forensic work of their own. The channel is set to launch a show named Famous Crime Scene, which will examine the deaths of famous artists, including Tupac Shakur, John Lennon and Michael Jackson.


Famous Crime Scene starts on Feb. 12, and will offer recreations of famous death scenes alongside close analysis of toxicology reports, DNA evidence and blood-spray patterns. The thought of watching Michael Jackson pass away in some kind of drug induced hell (allegedly) doesn’t exactly sound very palatable, and is perhaps a little too close to his actual death, but that’s not likely to stop VH1 from revealing the gory details.


Witnesses and investigators who worked on the cases will also offer their opinions on the various celebrity deaths, which could be illuminating in the Tupac case, but probably all-too familiar to anyone with even a cursory knowledge of how Lennon died. Still, with J.D. Salinger’s passing yesterday, and Jackson’s doctor about to be charged, the timing of Famous Crime Scene couldn’t be better.


[via Rolling Stone]

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John Lennon
Michael Jackson

MJ & Pac are alive though.


I wonder how you can conduct an investigation when the police are not even finished??? And besides- Michael is alive!!
The "autopsy report" is still under "investigation" as well!
You people need to get your stories straight, you need to quit filling peoples heads with hate!
Michael message is LOVE, no matter what!

Folks we have to keep spreading the message of LOVE!!


Good god, no matter what the heck michael does, he'll never be left alone, if he is alive, *which i hope he is* he wont come back until crap like this stops. the poor guy is a prisoner. Michael i love you1


Here Here, I agree 100% , L.O.V.E overcomes hate


Volta meu amor MJ. Eu estou esperando por vc my baby. I love you.

Eliete Jackson

poeple please let these legends of music and life rest in peace..i know we all want to believe they r alive but they r not there music is alive forever and we should be gald about that. micheal wouldnt do that to his own kids did u see his televised memorial..and Tupac im sorry is gone his heart gave out and his respitory system just could nt take the impact of 4 more bullets dont get me wrong i wish they were here but celebrate the life and music


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