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VH1 Bringing Back <i>Behind the Music</i> With Lil Wayne and Scott Weiland

VH1 has announced that it is relaunching Behind the Music, the network's formulaic show about the redemptions (and occasionally, deaths) of musicians like Motley Crue and Leif Garrett, after shelving the show in 2006. The first two episodes confirmed, of an ordered run of 10, feature Lil Wayne and Scott Weiland.


Only Weiland has completed the story arc of got famous, got unfamous thanks to drugs, did reunion tour with old band, and did solo album no one gives a hoot about that every single Behind the Music has, so I'm interested at how they'll manufacture conflict in Lil Wayne's episode (expect an ominous segment on cough syrup consumption).


As of now, no word on who else will be featured in the new season. Who would you like to see? [Reuters

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Lil Wayne
Scott Weiland

It's about effin' time!
Wasn't there a BTM on STP already, tho?

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Also, Weiland's first solo record is pretty good. Way better than it should have been.

His last solo album is total butt, tho.

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VH-1 should have never stopped making episodes of this show. I was just thinking to myself last week that I could sure go for some new BTM. The Lil' Wayne episode should still be fine, y'know with him having a kid at 15 and plus being successful so young, along with the drugs and gay rumors (if they even dare to touch on that).

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nikki sixx & vince neil & mick mars~all great stories on their own!!



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