Old man, take a look at my life, I’m a punk like you

    There was something so awesome about being into punk before 1990, way before the Warped tour, way before the Internet, and way before energy drinks. I got this press release in my inbox this morning. Usually I’d delete it right away after reading the subject heading, but I was curious to see what the Vans-sponsored "punk" festival was up to these days.


    Man, times have changed. Man, am I old as fuck. This ain’t your old man’s punk any more. This ain’t your punk anymore (anyone, say, 28 years old and up). Ian MacKaye will be 50 in four years. Trip on that. 


    I don’t disagree with all the things the tour is offering this year (0r any years for that matter). Honestly, if I were 14 again, I’d be pissing-baseballs excited to take part in a mini-ramp skate jam. (Do they have an old man/"legends" division? Sign me up.) Christ, if I were 14 today maybe I’d be pooping bricks to meet the dudes in Angels and Airwaves. And the tour’s charitable and activism components are great. Can’t argue with getting the kids into voting and hopefully political discourse. I’d like to think that these kinds of things are ripples of the true punk spirit and happenings like Revolution Summer.


    However, I’m glad I’m not 14 now. I’m glad I was 14 way back when drawing the Black Flag four bars on the toe of my Converse made people scratch their heads. I’m glad I was 14 way back when you had to order Revelation records by mail directly from Revelation and you’d get a handwritten note with your order. I’m glad I was 14 before there was a festival tour sponsored by a phone company; before my favorite shoe company of all time was so popular that kids on the high school football team now wear Half Cabs and "Off the Wall" T-shirts; Before Kia Motors, Trojan Condoms, and Guitar Center had anything to do with maximum rock ‘n’ roll.


    Read on. Your future children might one day ask you to bring them to this. See you guys in the Reverse Daycare Tent.





    The VANS WARPED TOUR® 2008 Presented by AT&T kicks off June 20 in Pomona, CA, with an exciting array of new and returning attractions, activities and tour sponsors, for the tour’s 14th year.  Please go to www.warpedtour.com for the full list of tour dates and bands performing in each city. AT&T Delivers Big Warped Perks: AT&T will host the following exclusives for VWT fans:

    • Special Updates and Promotions via Text Message: One of the unique aspects of the VWT is the rotating performance schedule and daily activities. To help fans get the most bang for their buck, AT&T will provide band line-ups, autograph session schedules and other exclusive offers via special text messages. To opt-in, concert-goers can text WT to 96789 or sign up to receive alerts for their particular city at mobile.warpedtour.com. VWT attendees can also opt-in onsite to have an AT&T Instant Win game piece sent to their phone for a chance to win prizes.
    • AT&T Signing Stage: Back by popular demand, fans can meet their favorite bands and get autographs on a limited edition poster designed by artist Oliver Peck.  This year’s AT&T Featured Bands are Angels and Airwaves, We The Kings, Cobra Starship, Everytime I Die and All Time Low.
    • AT&T Drop Inn: AT&T invites Vans Warped Tour visitors to drop in and get turned on to some of the coolest interactive mobile technology featuring: Framerz, mobile video with CV, Video Share, and sample some of the hottest phones from Motorola.
    • Reverse Daycare Tent: Since parents and their teens don’t always have the same taste in music, concert-goers can drop off their parents at the air-conditioned Reverse Daycare Tent. While teens are rocking out to their favorite bands, parents can enjoy a cold beverage, a massage and a movie.  

    Kia Motors: Kia Motors America is going “on tour” this summer as the Official Vehicle of the 2008 Vans Warped Tour®.  During each stop, concert-goers have the opportunity to visit the Kia “Soul Lounge,” an interactive tent featuring information displays about the new Kia Soul and other Kia vehicles, a DJ, an airbrush tattoo artist and the chance to enter to win either a new Kia Sportage or Kia Spectra SX in the “Keys to the Ride” sweepstakes. The Soul Lounge offers photo opportunities and posters to be signed during Kia’s exclusive artist autograph sessions.  Each tour venue features a Kia VIP section, a raised area near the main stage accessible only with customized Kia VIP wristbands. Online, fans can view Kia Warped Tour content at http://www.fuse.tv/kiawarped, including the Kia blog, which gives fans an insider’s look at each tour stop including photos and video.     In addition, Kia will be on stage as the presenting sponsor of the Kevin Says Stage, a forum for local bands to rock at each tour stop. A part of the Warped Eco Initiatives, this solar powered stage is just one of the eco-friendly actions Kia will be part of during the tour.  Kia Motors is also proud to be part of the post-concert clean up and recycling efforts.   Prior to the tour launch, Kia Motors is offering fans the opportunity to enter the “Experienced Warped” online sweepstakes to win a “Fly Away” trip to the grand finale tour stop in Los Angeles. http://www.fuse.tv/kiawarped


    Trojan: The Trojan® Evolve National Tour hits the road this summer with the Vans Warped Tour raising awareness and stimulating dialogue about America’s sexual health with young adults across the country.  Stop by the Trojan Evolve Zone between bands and ride the “Trojan Scream Machine”–a virtual reality thrill ride–test your sexual health trivia, win prizes and receive free Trojan® Brand Condoms.http://www.trojancondoms.com/ 


    Xbox and Rock Band: This summer, Rock Band and Xbox 360 will be teaming up to bring you one step closer to becoming a rock star! Challenge your favorite Vans Warped Tour bands and compete to win exclusive prizes, meet and greets and a chance to play on “The Rocker” stage (see below).  http://www.xbox.com   http://www.rockband.com/


    The Rocker: The Rocker,” starring Rainn Wilson, hits theaters August 1st, but joins Xbox and Rock Band on the Vans Warped Tour all summer!  Stop by the tent for the chance to play on “The Rocker” Main Stage with your friends and maybe you’ll find yourself playing with your favorite Warped Tour band.  Pick up tickets to a free advanced screening in your market*, as well as other free stuff from the film.  Befriend “The Rocker” at www.myspace.com/therockermovie now and get updates on screenings, giveaways and cast appearances in your city. (*Free advanced screenings are happening in most, but not all, markets.  Free stuff given out while supplies last.)http://www.rockermovie.com/ 


    FaceBreaker: The resurgence of arcade boxing is upon us. FaceBreaker offers fun, immersive gameplay and eye-popping stylized graphics. In this in-your-face arcade world full of larger-than-life characters, each boxer comes to life with unique attributes and distinct personal style. Add a little personal motivation to your fight by uploading a photo of your face to create a realistic likeness using Photo Game Face, and go toe-to-toe with a real-life friend or foe.  http://www.easports.com/facebreaker/.  



    • The MySpace Tent: is a 30’x30′ foot lounge. MySpace allows emerging artists to utilize the space just as they use their MySpace profiles: as a way to connect directly with fans. MySpace hosts multiple meet & greets and performances from various Vans Warped Tour artists.  Computer terminals will be on-site and available for fans to check MySpace, and there will be raffles for prizes including MySpace gear and side-stage viewing for select bands.
    • Warped Pick of the Week: MySpace is hosting an eight-week promotion on the MySpace Music home page.  A dedicated section rotating featured Vans Warped Tour artists, called “Warped Pick of the Week” provides one song per artist available for download.
    • Exclusive Content: MySpace will develop eight online video diaries exclusive to MySpace.  The videos will capture cool content and tour programming such as eco initiatives, voting, the music scene as well as the famous nightly BBQs.  Each week a new video will be featured in various locations throughout MySpace.

    Skullcandy Mix Tent: Skullcandy, masters of stylish headphones and innovators of audio-enabled lifestyle products, is joining this year’s Vans Warped Tour with the Skullcandy Mix Tent.  This summer, you will see Othello, Dante, The Pinkertones, Massive Monkeys, DJ AddVerse, DJ Skeet and many others performing in the Skullcandy Mix Tent.  Skullcandy is producing custom headphone ear caps for tour artists, which will be displayed and sold at the Customization Station inside the Skullcandy Mix Tent. Tour fans can choose from several colors of headphone frames, as well as several band-specific left and right ear caps, to create a unique headphone that reflects their personal taste. The ear caps are interchangeable, so kids will have the option to pick up caps for their favorite bands. Concert-goers will also be able to sample the sweet sounds of several models of Skullcandy headphones to get a taste of the Skullcandy lifestyle.  http://www.skullcandy.com/warped-tour.html


    Fuse “Warped Wednesdays”(Wednesdays beginning June 25 from 2:00-6:00 PM Eastern/Pacific): All summer long on Fuse, Wednesday is Warped-day as they bring you a weekly dose of all the latest news and music from the 2008 Vans Warped Tour. Tune in for an all-access pass as fuse hits the road with the tour, bringing you exclusive interviews and the very best in music from the Vans Warped Tour artists. Kick off each day with special editions of “Loaded” and “Video Yearbook” featuring artists from the tour. Next, “Steven’s Untitled Rock Show” is coming to you right from the Vans Warped Tour with an in-depth look at the bands, music and fans that make up the ultimate rock tour of the summer. All this, plus a special edition of “Number One Countdown: Your Warped Picks.”  Wednesday will never be the same again!  For full coverage info visit: www.fuse.tv. 

    Vans “Amateur Mini-Ramp Skate Jam”:  For 14 years, Vans has brought great skating to the tour and once again this summer will stage the “Amateur Mini-Ramp Skate Jam,” presented by Vans and Lost Energy.  This contest will be featured at each stop on the Vans Warped Tour and awards cash prizes daily–equaling more than $35,000 in all over the course of the tour–as 20 to 25 local "hot" pre-qualified skaters shred the mini-ramp for fun and money. Skaters, don’t be left out!  To find your area’s qualifying prelim go to www.vans.com, www.caslusf.com, www.WarpedTour.com, call (909) 883-6176 or fax (909) 883-8036.  The schedule of prelim contests will be updated weekly.   www.vans.com


    truth®: truth® is once again hitting the road this summer to reach out to thousands of teens with life-saving messages about tobacco use. The truth® youth smoking prevention campaign travels with signature orange state-of-the-art truth® trucks rigged with DJ decks and video monitors. The truth® crew will provide anti-tobacco messages in cool settings, engaging in peer-to-peer communication.  Each stop will feature impromptu rap sessions, join-in free-style demos and giveaways of popular truth® gear such as bandanas, bags, and exclusive t-shirts designed by some of today’s most popular artists and graphic designers. Scratch lessons will be available through the “Scratch DJ Academy,” a group of DJs who show newcomers the fundamentals of DJing, scratching and mixing music. www.thetruth.com.  


    Monster Energy VIP area:The Monster Energy VIP area is back with plenty of cold Monster Energy plus a limited edition Monster Energy Black Ice Slurpee at select stops in late June through mid-July. Bands are always stopping by, so you never know whom you’ll run into.  Monster’s band line-up on the Vans Warped Tour includes: The Briggs, Norma Jean, The Lordz, and The Dillinger Escape Plan. Monster Energy is blowin’ up the Warped Tour with our biggest promo ever! We’ve partnered with over 25 Warped Tour bands to give Monster fans an exclusive album download for FREE with every specially-marked Monster 4-pack and 8-pack purchase.  http://www.monsterenergy.com/ 


    Guitar Center: Guitar Center will hit the road with the Vans Warped Tour this summer, activating two programs designed to provide the Vans Warped Tour artists with support-based tools to improve their chances for success as pro musicians.  The GC Web Lab and the GC Axe Smith are on the road to help.  The “Guitar Center Web Lab,” a custom 32’ climate controlled Internet trailer, provides bands and their crew exclusive access to a backstage wireless web center.  Complete with top-of-the-line Apple computers, satellite-based broadband internet connections, design-based software and a knowledgeable rep, Guitar Center’s mission is to provide Vans Warped Tour artists/bands with the tools they need to maintain their online worlds when they are on the road–a service that is especially needed since web access is severely restricted in many of the rural areas where the Warped Tour touches down.
    Guitar Center in association with Ernie Ball is also proud to provide all bands on the Vans Warped Tour with an onsite professional guitar tech, a.k.a. the “GC Axe Smith”. The Guitar Center Axe-Smith is where Vans Warped Tour artists come to get their guitars and basses tuned, repaired and ready to rock.  From complete set-ups and minor repairs to intonation and truss-rod adjustments, this service is 100% FREE to the artists, underscoring Guitar Center’s and Ernie Ball’s commitment to helping Warped bands make the best music possible.


    In addition, Guitar Center will serve as the exclusive, presenting sponsor of the Vans Warped Tour video blog. Utilizing the Web Lab as the blogging home base, a GC video reporter will use and include the Web Lab in video content as well as conduct artist interviews within the lab’s “testimonial” set-up.  Warped’s on-site rep will also produce weekly video content with artists, conducting musician-centric interviews, how-to videos and more. http://gc.guitarcenter.com/sessions/  


    Alternative Press: For the past 10 years, Alternative Press magazine has been the creator of the essential Vans Warped Tour program guide.  Stop by the AP booth to pick up your free guide (the go-to collectors item on the tour), subscribe to the magazine through exclusive VWT-only offers and meet you favorite Warped Tour bands. www.altpress.com


    Earth Echo International: EarthEcho International (www.EarthEcho.org) has teamed with the Vans Warped Tour to highlight the environmentally-friendly practices of the Vans Warped Tour’s Warped Eco Initiatives and to translate these into actions that their audience can easily adopt. By engaging bands and sponsors to provide on-site and online opportunities for direct action, EarthEcho International is helping the Vans Warped Tour to become a gateway to reusing, renewing, and recycling. For more information, visit www.EarthEcho.org/Warped. 


    Hurley: Hurley returns to Vans Warped Tour for 2008. The Hurley stage will feature bands such as Greeley Estates, The Color Fred, Mayday Parade, Broadway Calls and more on some or all of this summer’s tour. The Hurley.com stage continues this year with bands like 3OH!3, Maylene and the Sons of Disaster, Beat Union and many, many more. This year Hurley will host daily artist signings and offer fans limited-edition autographed posters from their favorite bands. As a special product feature, Hurley has collaborated with All Time Low to offer Warped-goers two exclusive limited edition Hurley t-shirts only available at VWT. An exclusive download card is available at the Hurley tent and will enable fans to go to Hurley.com and download performances from the Hurley studio and more! www.hurley.com/warpedtour. 


    Ernie Ball Battle of the Bands Stage:  In its 12th year, The Ernie Ball Battle of the Bands is the world’s largest unsigned band competition. Featuring over 15,000 bands, the Ernie Ball stage offers bands from across the country an opportunity to compete for various prizes such as, performance spots on the Ernie Ball stage, gear and instruments and potential recording contracts. This summer fans can expect to see bands like Forever The Sickest Kids, Protest The Hero, The Audition, MC Chris, and more! For more info please visit www.battleofthebands.com


    Declare Yourself: Declare Yourself is the official voter registration partner of the 2008 Vans Warped Tour. While on tour DY will be registering new voters, interacting with all the bands and fans alike to help spread the message of youth participation in the upcoming election.  With the ongoing support of the MySpace Music label, Declare Yourself promises to help promote the importance of letting one’s voice be heard through both music and voting www.declareyourself.com.


    Smartpunk.com: For the fifth year in a row, look no further than the Smartpunk.com Stage to bring you the newest, freshest and most innovative acts on the 2008 Vans Warped Tour. From your I-Pod to the Smartpunk.com Stage, the melodic intensity of Alesana, the punk aggression of Set Your Goals, the dance ready beats of Forever the Sickest Kids and The Maine along with 18 other bands will keep you cool all summer long. Smartpunk.com is your one stop shop to discover new music online and we’re thrilled to be showcasing that new music, just for you, live on our stage. Let the bands of the latest Smartpunk.com lineup help you create the ultimate soundtrack of the summer.
    Excited? We know we are. Can’t wait! www.smartpunk.com. 


    Take Action! At Warped: In an effort to "create a better world, one voice and one action at a time," Take Action! has teamed with the Vans Warped Tour to once again present the Take Action! area. In addition to spreading the Take Action! message of personal empowerment, this year’s Take Action! area features a variety of support and community outreach for non-profits that feature literature, outspoken bands, petitions, voter registration, and a whole list of way for you to get involved. Take Action is bigger and better than last year and you can expect to meet and greet with some of your favorite bands as they come out and participate in our ever growing nonprofit community www.takeactiontour.com. 


    Unite the United says Take Action!: This year Unite the United has teamed with Take Action! to support the Nonprofit Area at this year’s Vans Warped Tour.  Unite the United is the charitable foundation created by the producers of Warped tour to help support grassroots charities, and is dedicated to helping change the world for the better.  This year’s "Unite the United Says Take Action! Area" will have new ways to get involved from local charities to national efforts.  We invite you to come help us make a difference.  So come join the outspoken bands, petitioners, and fellow activists in registering new voters, getting a skin-cancer screening, joining our recycling team, or signing up to help feed the homeless.  Visit www.unitetheunited.org, www.takeactiontour.com and the Vans Warped Tour website for more info on how you can get involved.   


    Indie Filmakers team with Unite the United to produce the Punk Junk Donation Center (Confirmed for June 20-22, July 9-August 2, with more dates to be announced soon)This year, just outside the gates of the Vans Warped Tour, you’ll see Punk Junk Donation Centers set up to collect numerous items from food and clothing items to baby items and hygiene products.  Concert patrons who participate will be entered into drawing for a variety of rare and autographed gifts from past and present Warped Tour artists and sponsors.  Likewise, they will be jumped to the front of the line to get into the festival, and will have cut passes to any artist signings held in the "Unite the United says Take Action!" Nonprofit Area. So bring those donations and let’s help end hunger and suffering!  For more information please visit www.warpedtour.com, www.UnitetheUnited.org or connect with the Punk Junk team via their MySpace page at www.myspace.com/punkjunkdomnations2008. 


    FM World Charities:FM World Charities is a not-for-profit organization devoted to promoting public health and improving the quality of life in underserved communities throughout the world.  FM’s goal is to raise awareness through music, media, and medicine.  We have teamed up with the Vans Warped Tour to raise awareness about the issue of skin cancer. Our medical staff will be providing a free, basic, skin cancer screening to all interested patrons.  We will be using cutting-edge imaging equipment that will be monitored off premise by physicians. Paige Wood, artist and melanoma survivor, will be touring with us and lending a hand with our initiative. Bags will be handed out with informative information and free gifts.  www.fmworldcharities.org  


    T.J. Martell Foundation Charity Ticket Auction: The T.J. Martell Foundation, in conjunction with the 2008 Vans Warped Tour, was proud to announce their Fifth Annual Charity Ticket Auction for Leukemia, Cancer and AIDS Research.  The auction took place this past spring and ran for four consecutive weeks on eBay. Forty-six lucky bidders won the once-in-a-lifetime chance to receive two tickets to their local Warped Tour date, two backstage passes and the opportunity to watch their favorite band from the best possible location, ON-STAGE! This year’s auction raised over $11,000 toward groundbreaking, innovative research.  For more information on the 33-year history of the T.J. Martell Foundation, click on: www.tjmartellfoundation.org. 


    Fanscape: Fanscape returns for the fifth consecutive year as the official marketing company of the tour. Fanscape runs the tour’s official mailing list, facilitates and launches promotions and sweepstakes, and activates hundreds of thousands of young adults across the country to participate in Vans Warped Tour online activities.  For more information on Fanscape, visit www.fanscape.biz.  


    Kia Kevin Says Stage Powered by Sonicbids: This stage features a wide variety of undiscovered, up-and-coming and prominent bands from underground and independent music scenes around the world. The stage was booked through an application process in which bands were picked for their work ethic, talent, and uniqueness. In keeping with the independent theme of the stage, one Sonicbids artist will be performing at every tour stop. Sonicbids is the place for bands to get gigs, and for promoters and licensors to book bands.  Ranging from punk to ska, from hip hop to hardcore, the Kia Kevin Says Stage has become a hot spot for discovering new music on the tour this year. This is the first year for both Kia Motors and Sonic Bids, creating a new and exciting twist on the tour. www.kiakevinsaysstage.com ; www.sonicbids.com