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Van Morrison discusses Astral Weeks shows

On Friday and Saturday, Van Morrison will be making some musical history at the Hollywood Bowl in L.A. by performing his classic Astral Weeks album in its entirety for the first time. When Morrison recorded the 1968 release, his vocals and guitar were the first things committed to tape, with the whirling kaleidoscope of jazz/folk/baroque accompaniment overdubbed afterwards. Morrison says he "always wanted to do these songs fully orchestrated and live," but that he "never got around to it." He'll be joined onstage by some of the original Astral Weeks musicians, including veteran jazz bassist Richard Davis and guitarist Jay Berliner. Morrison is philosophical but clear-eyed about the emotional and artistic impact of his impressionistic song suite, telling the L.A. Times that "The songs are poetic stories, so the meaning is the same as always -- timeless and unchanging....People take from it whatever their disposition to take from it is."


[Los Angeles Times]

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Van Morrison

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Hi Prefix Mag,

On behalf of Exile Productions and Exile Publishing, many thanks for plugging Van Morrison and, for your readers’ info, up-to-the-minute news on Van’s latest album - Keep It Simple - and 2008 shows is, of course, available on and and, for a limited period, you can still see Van's exclusive BBC sessions at . We’re also pleased to announce that an increasing archive of exclusive film footage of Van Morrison performances has now been made available for fans on Exile’s official YouTube channel at .

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WEBSHERIFF - terrible website. They are still advertising the Astral Weeks concerts that happened over a week ago. Web Sherrif you're all a bunch of ..ts. The BBC link is full of crap videos - come on, give us Meditation Level Three or something interesting.

I can't wait to buy Astral Weeks Live and I'm sure most VM fans feel the same, but as a music fan - how do you guy's sleep at night.

Currently watching "soul" on the BBC site - sad, sad, sad.


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