Van Halen tour rider, all egos and karate

    The discovery of the details of tour riders are notoriously amusing/bizarre (witness MIA’s love for Cave-aged Gruyere). Yet hair bands or "rock bands of the hair metal era" (in case my old guitar teacher is reading this, yes, I realize that Eddie Van Halen is a GREAT musician) take the cake.

    The rider for the recent reunion tour of Van Halen included the demand that David Lee Roth’s dressing room has to be stocked with sugar-free Red Bull, be rug-free and ready for some pre-show martial arts warm-up (!), AND his boudoir "SHOULD BE AS FAR AWAY FROM" those of his bandmates. No reason is given for the latter request, but it fits the general rule: big hair=big ego.
    It should be noted though, that these guys still hold onto their humble roots: Eddie needed "really cheap wine in his on-stage cooler." No Cristal for this ruffian. [The Smoking Gun via Idolator]