Van Halen Close To Finishing New Album, Playing It For Dudes In Terrible Bands

    According to a bevy of metal websites, Van Halen are close to wrapping up sessions for their upcoming comeback album featuring David Lee Roth and Wolfgang Van Halen, and they are testing it out on people that don’t really deserve to get the listen early: Dudes from post-grunge bands. Apparently a dude from Sevendust told a message board guy he’s heard it, but the most egregious early listener is Creed guitarist Mark Tremonti, who said this about the album:

    What makes it so great is that they took what they could from all their old demos back in the ’80′s and pretty much did what they could to create songs out of old ideas, so it sounds like vintage Van Halen. Musically it sounds in the [early ’80’s] era. I didn’t hear any vocals – David was not there. It was just the three of them and the music sounded like very authentic, old school Van Halen. It was a just a crazy experience to sit there and watch. Eddie was four feet from me, and Wolfie was on the other side. The guys were very excited to be doing what they’re doing.

    I guess the dude from Creed is probably the target market for a new Van Halen album, but still: That the guy who played the axe on “Arms Wide Open” is afforded opportunities to hear new Van Halen tracks before anyone else should make you boil. [Metal Insider