Vampire Weekend to release another single, speak for New York Times event

    Vampire Weekend’s excellent self-titled debut may get overlooked in some year end polls due to its January release date, but the seeming ubiquity of the band, their songs and those songs’ remixes, and the hints of new material seem to indicate that VW will still get some respect. Just to make sure, they’ve announced that "The Kids Don’t Stand a Chance," the sweet closer to their debut, will be released as a 7" single on XL Records on December  9. The digital single is already out, and it includes a remix of the song by Woodies co-star Chromeo as a B-side.


    Additionally, the band will be speaking along with Kathy Bates, Keith Olbermann, Salmon Rushdie, the cast of Damages, Lewis Black, and the hosts of The View (crazy Republican football player wife included) for the New York Times Arts and Leisure Weekend. For better or worse, the band has become one of the faces of New York rock in 2008, and considering VW’s general clean-cut nature and Columbia education, I guess the Times figured they’d be the least likely New York musicians to drop multiple f-bombs at a family event. In any event, the Weekend takes place from January 8-11 at the Times Center. Feels so natural, Patti Smith will be there too.