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Vampire Weekend Obama show cancelled

Vampire Weekend planned to play at a Carnegie Mellon University event this weekend but the rally was unexpectedly cancelled, giving the boys a night off. No word yet on why the rally was cancelled, though some speculate that by not playing, Vampire Weekend is actually doing Obama a favor. While there was interest leading up to the show, many of the cool kids on campus today were suddenly overheard saying that voting was “so five minutes ago” and that Obama was “way cooler before he got popular.” Elsewhere in the country, Jay-Z, Bruce Springsteen and The National will play their own benefits shows and Vampire Weekend is still encouraging everyone to get out there and vote.
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Bruce Springsteen
The National
Vampire Weekend

Ugh - why is voting seen as a popularity contest!!!???? Vote for the one you think will do the better job! Who care's about popularity!!!! :-P

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