Vampire Weekend Cover Model Speaks

    Ann Kirsten Kennis, aka the cover model from Vampire Weekend’s Contra album that is suing the band, talked to Vanity Fair about the suit recently. 

    “It’s not even like it’s a Polaroid before a photo shoot, because the hair’s not done, the make-up’s not done, the lighting’s not done.” You start to see interviews from fans of the band, and they are like, ‘I would just be glad that my picture was on it.’ Well, not really. They are using it for their gain,” she said. “Something is wrong here. It’s like, don’t just use my picture all over the place.”

    The story in Vanity Fair give a full run down of the whole story, which basically goes like this: Kennis’s photo was taken sometime in the early ’80s, probably by photographer Tod Brody, who sold the picture to Vampire Weekend, who found the picture randomly from Brody. Kennis found out via her daughter, and was upset that she didn’t receive any payment. She sued for $2 million. Read the story here. 


    I think the most interesting part could be if this goes to trial. We might find out how much money you can make being in a buzz band. Maybe a lot, even.