Vampire Weekend Cover Lawsuit Settled Out Of Court

    A few months after the album came out, Vampire Weekend were sued by the model on the cover of their sophomore album, Contra, who was claiming that she was not compensated for her picture on the album. Vampire Weekend countered, saying that they paid the photographer, who assured them that he owned the rights to the photo. The model, Ann Kristen Kennis, said that wasn’t true, and sued the band and their label for $2 million. 

    Yesterday, that lawsuit was settled out of court, when the band and XL Recordings came to amicable agreement with Kennis for an undisclosed sum. The band is still seeking a lawsuit against the photographer, Tod Brody, saying that he’s responsible for any liability in their case against Kennis, since he assured them the rights to the photo were secure. So it seems like this year-old story continues onward. [P4K