Vakill Reveals ‘Armor Of God’ Track List, Artwork

    To say Vakill’s fans have been clamoring for his third album’s release would be a bit of an understatement. And there’s a good reason for that beyond his skills as a lyricist who also has a strong ear for beats. Armor of God has been delayed time and time again over the past five years or so, to the point some folks were calling it the underground’s version of Dr. Dre’s Detox.


    But Vakill’s apparently readying the album, which his is first since 2006’s Worst Fears Confirmed, for release on Moleman Records this June. From the looks of it, Armor of God continues the rapper’s streak of picking great beats as Jake One, Panik, and Bluntologist provide the majority of the production. It’s also refreshing to see that the guest features are kept to a minimum, though I can’t wait to hear Crooked I, Rhymefest, Juice and Nino Bless on “Beast Ballad.”


    As for the album art, you can peep that to the left of this text. Armor of God drops June 14. View the track listing below.


    01 Intro
    02 Hi Ate Us (produced by Panik)
    03 Armor of God (produced by Jake One)
    04 Mean Mug Muzik (produced by Panik)
    05 Sick Cinema (produced by Panik)
    06 Heavy (produced by Panik)
    07 Endless Road f. Vizion (produced by Bluntologist)
    08 The Apology (produced by Joe Blow)
    09 Wild Wild (produced by Bluntologist)
    10 Beast Ballad f. Crooked I, Rhymefest, Juice & Nino Bless (produced by Panik)
    11 NWA (produced by Panik)
    12 You Don’t Know f/Astonish (produced by Panik)
    13 I Came for U (produced by Panik)
    14 Armorgeddon (produced by Jake One)
    15 A Lynched Legacy (produced by Memo)
    16 Bi-Polar (produced by Panik)
    17 Proof (produced by Jake One)