Usher Titles New Album ‘The Shanertance,’ Details Other Producers Not Named Diplo

    Usher’s “Climax” is shaping up to be this year’s most perfect pop single, a track that pairs a singer we all sort of forgot about with a producer who kills it in the mainstream as well as he does underground (Diplo). But until now, the song just remained an awesome single, attached to no album. Usher previewed a bunch of the album in London yesterday, revealing a bunch of details.

    First, the album is called The Shanertance (whatever that means), and in addition to “Climax,” it features Luke Steele of Empire of the Sun on a track called “Looking for Myself,” and features production from Salaam Remi & Jim Jonsin. The album is due out some time this summer. [HipHopNMore]

    Watch the video for “Climax”: