U.S. Demands Extradition Of Kim Dotcom

    On Friday, U.S. legal officials issued extradition requests to New Zealand officials, requesting that Kim Dotcom, and three other New Zealand MegaUpload suspects, be extradited to the U.S. so they can face charges of racketeering, money laundering and copyright infringement.

    Dotcom, whose story has become the Internet’s best story so far this year, is expected to fight the extradition. New Zealand’s laws say that criminals can only be extradited for charges carrying sentences of more than four years, while the official charges currently listed against Dotcom and his three co-defendents is only five years. The battle to extradite Dotcom can stretch on for years, apparently, as the case isn’t expected to go to court until Aug. 20, and even then, with appeals, it could take a long time. Fortunately for us, the MegaUpload story is far from over. [Torrent Freak]