Upsilon Acrux bring prog fever to the nation

    Los Angeles “brutal prog” outfit Upsilon Acrux are bringing their herky-jerky instrumental prog mastery on tour. With the ridiculously good new album Galapagos Momentum out now on Cuneiform and a brand new five-man lineup, these dudes are primed to guitar tap their way into the hearts of men all across this great nation. They’ve also got a ton of excellent bands playing with them at various times, including Cheer-Accident, Time of Orchids, Child Abuse, Hour of the Shipwreck, People and Ruins, several of which have been praised on this very web periodical.
    Czech out the tour dates and other bands on the bill after the jump:
    Sep 26 2007 The Scene Bar Glendale, CA Time of Orchids, National Sunday Law, Mongoloid
    Sep 27 2007 The Smell Los Angeles, CA Littlest Viking, Time of Orchids, Hour of The Shipwreck, The Walkachings
    Sep 28 2007 Modified Arts Phoenix, AZ Kites, Time of Orchids, James Fella, Russian Tsarlag
    Sep 29 2007 Lion”’s Lair Denver, CO Time of Orchids, Action Friend
    Sep 30 2007 Box Awesome Lincoln, NE Time of Orchids, Shiny VIlle
    Oct 1 2007 Lemp Arts Center St. Louis, MO Time of Orchids, Yowie?
    Oct 2 2007 Ronny”’s Chicago, IL Time of Orchids, Cheer-Accident
    Oct 3 2007 Nottingham Co-op Madison, WI Time of Orchids, Cheer-Accident, Bastard Trio
    Oct 4 2007 Southgate House Newport, KY Time of Orchids, Cheer-Accident, Clan of the Cavebear
    Oct 5 2007 Static Age Records Asheville, NC Time of Orchids, Cheer-Accident, Cantwell Gomez & Jordan
    Oct 6 2007 Orion Sound Studio Baltimore, MD Time of Orchids Cheer Accident
    Oct 7 2007 Mojo 13 Wilmington, DE Time of Orchids, Cheer-Accident, Make A Rising
    Oct 8 2007 Cake Shop New York, NY Time of Orchids, Cheer-Accident
    Oct 9 2007 Avant-Gentleman”’s Lodge Philadelphia, PA Uz Jsme Doma, Cheer-Accident, Make A Rising
    Oct 10 2007 TBA NY/NJ TBA
    Oct 11 2007 Cake Shop New York, NY Child abuse, Stay Fucked, Extra Life
    Oct 12 2007 the Silent Barn loft party Bushwick, NY Animal, People, From Cocaine to Rogaine
    Oct 13 2007 Velvet Lounge Washington DC Always, Twin
    Oct 14 2007 Load of Fun Gallery Baltimore, MD Twin, Lexie Mountain Boys, Trockeneis, Harrius
    Oct 15 2007 TBA TBA TBA
    Oct 16 2007 TBA Northampton, MA Twin, Harrius
    Oct 17 2007 TBA Boston, MA Twin, Harrius
    Oct 18 2007 Bard College New York, NY Ruins, Child Abuse
    Oct 19 2007 Cafe Bourbon Street Columbus, OH Child Abuse
    Oct 20 2007 Ronny”’s Chicago, IL Child Abuse, Oakeater