UPDATE: No new Faces tour or record, with Flea or otherwise

    So, apparently those reports about the Faces reuniting for a record and a tour (and those reports of Flea joining them) were all false, as spokespeople for Flea and Rod Stewart have said.


    It seems that all of the false reunion reports were due to a story that appeared in the Daily Mirror that had Ron Wood saying the band would reunite and take Flea on tour with them. The story has since disappeared from the Daily Mirror’s website, and Billboard has squashed the reunion reumors by talking to a representative for Flea (who apparently "knows nothing" of a Faces reunion), and Rod Stewart (who says that, despite Ron Wood’s claims that the two of them went on a booze tour through the Bahamas during Christmas, the band would not be reuniting or recording at all this year).


    Apparently, the band did get together earlier than that last year (with Stewart’s bassist Conrad Korsch filling in on bass) and they didn’t get along, so the tour seems unlikely. [Billboard via Idolator]