UPDATE: Asher Roth talks about plane incident

    Reports surfaced on Wednesday that Asher Roth, frat-rapper, subdued a man on a flight to Los Angeles who stood up and said he had a bomb. It turns out it wasn’t Roth who tackled the man, it was his guitarist/bassist Chris Llewellyn. 


    In an interview with Hot 97, here’s what Roth said about the incident:


    “Really man I had nothing to do with that. I mean that’s all my dude Chris Llewellyn. The guitarist/bassist in the band. He held it down dude, he also ripped a solo on the Carson Daly show. It was a beautiful day for him. He’s a hero.”

    It also turns out Roth didn’t even see what happened.


    “He’s the one who detained the man,” Asher continued. “I didn’t witness it or anything like that. So he heard the ‘help me, help me’ from he back of the plane and he was the first to respond along with a couple of other gentlemen and like pin the dude down. The dude was like ‘I’ve got a bomb, I’ve got a bomb,’ but this is all hearsay. I didn’t get to witness any of it. I’m just happy Chris was there.”

    Other details of the story, like who the man was, if he had a bomb, etc., are still being kept mum by the FBI. [XXL]