Unreleased Michael Jackson Songs Stolen During Sony PS3 Hack From Last Year

    Remember last year, when there was that huge security breach in Sony’s Playstation network, and 77 million people had their personal data stolen by the most devious hackers on record? Well, it turns out the effects of that are still coming to light: Apparently, hackers raided Sony’s hard drive vault of music, taking 50,000 songs.

    But here’s where it gets crazier: That 50,000 song catalog included the entire recorded output of Michael Jackson, including a wealth of unreleased material, including songs he recorded with Queen’s Freddie Mercury. The stolen songs haven’t popped up on widespread filesharing services quite yet–and aren’t likely to, since they’re more likely to inspire lawsuits than about any other album I can think of on Mediafire. Read the full report at Mediafire.