Unreleased Fugees Song “The Ish” Leaks – Listen

    Both Wyclef Jean and Lauryn Hill took to Twitter afterwards to let followers know they weren’t behind the leak.

    Fans of influential hip-hop group Fugees were pleasantly surprised to hear a previously unheard song by the act played on U.S. radio over the weekend. Premiered on Hot 97 by popular DJ Funkmaster Flex, the no-nonsense track marks the first time fans have heard any new material since 2005’s “Take It Easy.” Tentatively titled “The Ish,” the song is actually an old recording from back when Fugees were still together.

    Members of the Grammy Award winning outfit – Wyclef Jean and Lauryn Hill – quickly addressed any rumors abounding that they had in fact got back together. The former made sure to say he didn’t “endorse it in anyway,” while the latter pondered who the culprit was for the surprise leak, saying: “Not sure who leaked it, but I have my suspicions.”

    Meanwhile, the track itself is a fantastic cut, particularly for something that’s been lying around gathering dust for the past two decades. It’s blunt, it’s direct, and it’s loaded with catchy rhymes and infectious samples. Throw in a killer beat and some clever sequencing, and you’ve got a song that more than deserves to be heard. Check out the previously unheard cut below:

    Fugees formed in the early ‘90s, and rose to stardom during their short-lived career. Their sophomore album in particular shot them into the mainstream, earning them chart success and critical adoration all in one fell swoop. Entitled The Score, the album not only went multi-platinum, but it scooped up two awards at the Grammys also.

    Since their split in 1997, all three members of the group went on to have successful solo careers. However, rumors have persisted for years that they are getting back together. While nothing has been confirmed, Lauryn Hill did perform two classic Fugees songs at Coachella this past April; “Killing Me Softly” and “Ready or Not.” The former frontwoman for the three-piece is set to tour with Nas later in the year.