Unreleased “Dirty Money” Video Shows How Nicki Minaj Used To Be Gangster

    Listen, I’m not here to harp on the ill ways of selling yourself to be a cartoon in the music industry, but looking at this freshly released music video of Nicki Minaj doing straight rhymes over Remy Martin and the Terror Squad’s “Yeah, Yeah, Yeah” gives an interesting contrast between her pre-fame “street self” and her current pop princess personalities.

    If you’re a Pink Friday dope head, then what you’re going to see here is probably going to trip your mentality, because the cosmetic overload and asinine outfit-free Nicki Minaj looks something more like Jean Grae rather than a female David Bowie. It’s rap with no gimmick along with an a cappella closer, and it’s kind of hard to figure that this is the same “Nicki Minaj” that’s been glittering the music industry over the last two years.

    I’m still dealing with the clot in my throat from seeing this, so give it a watch. It’s almost haunting. [2DBZ]