Unlikely Career Moves #324: Jandek Goes Funk

    Music history is rife with odd career moves, but who would have thought that Jandek, the living embodiment of outsider art, would go funk? A couple make out in the front row and people throw down and actually start dancing as Jandek and his considerably talented rhythms section deliver the funk on this set of videos (below).

    Jandek doesn’t exactly appear comfortable with this new direction, which was caught on camera during a show in Houston, Texas, on April 5. He usually debuts songs well in advance of them being recorded, so don’t expect a Rick James-style opus from Jandek for at least a couple of years. And besides, a note with the video says this extended workout went on for a head-spinning 78 minutes.

    Perhaps it’s time for other outsider artists to try a similar career change. Daniel Johnston’s hip-hop album is awaited with baited breath. [via