Unknown Lennon Lyrics Baffle Fans… But Were They From “Girl?”

    The UK’s New Musical Express is reporting that set of unfinished John Lennon lyrics have both his family and Beatle fans stumped.


    The NME notes the handwritten lyrics are now part of a Liverpool exhibit, “White Feather: The Spirit of John Lennon,” put on my Lennon’s first wife, Cynthia, and his son, Julian. It’s part of a larger “Beatles Story” exhibit curated by one Ann Darby, who can’t figure out where the lyrics originate, although she places the date at 1966, since they’re on a note written to Beatle George Harrison by some Beatles fans.


    Allow us to opine: these lyrics, which we’ve copied below, sound like the may have been a first draft of the bridge from the “Rubber Soul” track “Girl,” released at the tail end of 1965. “Girl” contains the phrase “came to stay,” as does this lyric; plus, they more or less fit the meter and definitely fit the tone of that bridge (the bridge, by the way, is the part that goes “She’s the kind of girl that puts you down when friends are there…”). Lyrics below:


    Little girl I’ve come to stay/And this time I just have to say/ I love you/If she turns you down and you’re rejected/Try again the best you can/Call to see her when you’re least expected/Tell her now she’ll understand.”


    [Via: The Daily Swarm]