Universal Publishing Deal Comes With Promise of New Hendrix Material

    Universal Music Publishing Group has just inked a deal to distribute Jimi Hendrix material outside the United States for the next five years. While this normally wouldn’t be a big deal for those of us living stateside, the announcement came with the promise of authentically new Hendrix material being released this year. Though details are still sketchy at this point, one release will definitely be a DVD chronicling the month leading up to Hendrix’s iconic performances at the Royal Albert Hall in 1969. Experience Hendrix, the company that handles U.S. distribution, also says that two new albums are coming out before the year’s end. One will be an "official bootleg" available through the Hendrix website and at least one will be associated with the Royal Albert Hall concerts. Janie Hendrix, who runs Experience Hendrix with her father, went on to say that the releases comprise only a small part of the "ten years" of Hendrix material still in the company vaults. [