Unearthed David Bowie/NIN Clips Revive 90’s Nostalgia


    Following MTV’s weekend post of Nine Inch Nails’ first-ever Lollapalooza gig from the festival’s inaugural year in 1991, film editor David Williams is stoking Trent Reznor fans’ nostalgia by uploading a handful of vids from NIN’s 1995 tour with David Bowie, where the two parties would collaborate onstage each night after the former’s full set.


    The recently unearthed clips, if anything, showcase the musical kinship between the pair of acts during the mid-90’s when NIN was riding the Downward Spiral wave and Bowie released his underrated opus, Outside. Check out “Hurt” above and “Hallo Spaceboy” below. [via Spin and The NIN Hotline