U.K. Reforming Copyright Laws, Scrap Plans To Block File-Sharing Websites

    You probably haven’t been following it, what with the debt ceiling and everything else going on, but there’s a minor war a-brewing in the U.K. over the future of their copyright laws, as the houses of government consider the best way to protect copyrighted material in the 21st century. The big news out of the rewriting of copyright laws over there is that the government has decided against blocking file-sharing websites, instead trying to figure out a way to take down those kind of websites if they break copyright laws. 


    This story could have big ramifications for the U.S., because if the U.K. really cracks down on file-sharers like they say they are going to, a similar tougher act could be passed here too. However, it seems like the U.K. is starting to back off a little, and instead focus on companies who allow file-sharing to happen. For more, head to the Guardian.