Ugly God Unleashes Brutal, Self-Inflicted Diss Track “Fuck Ugly God”

    Ugly God has yet to issue a response.

    It isn’t rare for up-and-comers to rush, guns blazing, out of the gate to assert their superiority in the rap game. It isn’t a bad strategy. If you’re confident in the biting severity of the lyricism handy in your back pocket, setting the crosshairs on an unwitting target is a surefire way to earn you recognition (if a little bit of controversy) in the hip-hop press.

    What is rare (or, more likely, wholly unprecedented), however, is for an ambitiously hot-headed upstart to aim said crosshairs inward. But that’s precisely what the freshly minted 2017 XXL Freshman has done, and the results are truly startling.

    At around midnight last night, Ugly God unleashed an eviscerating Ugly God diss track, “Fuck Ugly God.”

    More terrifying, the merciless assault appears to have been entirely unprovoked. Ugly God initiated the beef on Twitter yesterday evening, announcing the impending takedown of Ugly God, adding ominously, “When I see him its on sight.”

    And it’s abundantly clear from the very first lyric that in calling out Ugly God, Ugly God does not mince his words: “Fuck Ugly God / Ugly God a ho / Flexin’ like you got it, bitch / I know your ass is broke.”

    The wounds range from the deceptively mild (“Back in 10th grade your coach kicked you off the team / every single day you wear the same pair of jeans“) to the abjectly ruthless (“you don’t got no hoes every day you beat your meat / you don’t want these problems pussy boy you know you weak”) to the frighteningly personal (“four years ago you got jumped on Halloween“).

    The twittersphere, needless to say, has been gripped by the flaring tensions between the freshmen MCs.

    As if to prolong the sting of the diss, “Fuck Ugly God” is slated to be included on the Houston rapper’s forthcoming debut, The Booty Tape.

    It remains to be seen whether Ugly God will issue a diss track in retaliation to Ugly God’s scalding diss. Regardless, relations are unlikely to smooth over anytime soon after this cutthroat assault. You can listen to the “Fuck Ugly God” burner below.