UFC Loses $20 Million On UFC 151 Cancellation

    According to an MMAFighting.com report, the UFC lost $20 million due to the cancellation of UFC 151.

    Additionally, between businesses directly and indirectly tied to the event, the show falling apart had an overall financial impact of approximately $40 million.

    “Just based on figures that we know, advertising expenses that led to nothing, lost ticket sale revenue, and lost PPV revenue, and we’re already at $12 million for UFC [losses] without figuring in any kind of sponsorships and other monies involved with producing the show,” MMAFighting.com senior writer Dave Meltzer reports. 

    “If we throw in losses to the Las Vegas economy and those of the cable and satellite industry, and when all is said and done, you are probably talking closer to $40 million in losses, and that’s not taking into account any bad will when it comes to UFC fans and for the Jon Jones brand going forward,” Meltzer adds.

    Of course, the $40 million in overall losses, including the $20 million lost by the UFC, is just a rough estimate, as there is no clear measure to determine how far-reaching the damages from UFC 151’s cancellation extend to.