UFC Legend Ken Shamrock Accused Of Assaulting A Woman

    TMZ reported on Aug. 24 that UFC legend Ken Shamrock has been accused of attacking a woman at a California mall.

    According to Shamrock’s, he was trying to break up a scuffle between two women at a Coach store when a female bystander jumped on his back in an attempt to separate him from the scrum.

    Shamrock, 48, then slammed the bystander to the ground, instantly knocking her out. 

    Someone in the crowd yelled out that the person he just knocked out was a female, so Shamrock apparently backed off.

    Police arrived and filed a report against the former MMA standout, but it’s not likely that he’ll be prosecuted because he was acting in self-defense.

    Shamrock’s last knockout victory inside the UFC came on June 19, 2004 at UFC 48, as he finished Kimo Leopoldo with a well-placed knee in the first round.