?uestlove Says D’Angelo’s New Album Is “In The Home Stretch”

    Back in January 2009, D’Angelo broke his silence, and said he’d be back with a new album soon. It’s October 2011, and we still have no new D’Angelo album. But according to producer ?uestlove, D’Angelo is close to finishing his first album since 2000’s Voodoo: In an interview with Billboard, he says that D’Angelo is in the “home stretch,” and that he’s recording his vocals. 

    While Questo spoke of the many jobs he has, he revealed some work on a more elusive artist’s highly-anticipated album: D’Angelo. “I’m on his [D’Angelo’s] record as well,” he said. “He’s in the home stretch right now. I know that Fred Wesley and the JB Horns just did a cut that Q-Tip did; I know he’s doing his vocals right now.”

    Now, this is of course all positive thinking, since D’Angelo was supposedly close to being done two years ago. But still: D’Angelo might be back soon, y’all! [Billboard]